Ideas to do in Florida!

The Waterfront is so Cool
Who would not like the most eco friendly nature area and all of Florida. go

Beach Sightseeing
It is one block from sand on the beach waterside eatery, the big bar on the water. go

Showcase of Restaurants
It's fun seven days a week and yummy. go

A Day for Cape Coral Beach Play
Come on in the water is fine as this beach park always packs them in. go

Hear the Safari Sounds
Gather around to hear the safari sounds. go

Adventure Farm
Very fun and festive, you only need nice weather to enjoy the farm. go

Fantastic on a Wonderful Weather Day
We love the value. go

Things to do in the Orlando Summer
The best thing is the relaxing lazy river with a beer in hand. go

Buy Surf Boards
You can tell by the photograph of the Surf Shop on the outside that this is an extremely cool looking place. go


Learn about the Florida Keys

Do Stop and Meet Chef Kermit
The zany playfulness of this town is so pleasurable, this is why we do midweek vacations to the island. go

Tiki Hut Style Fish Cafe
Huge it is, walk the docks, see the fishing feeding, and food galore. go

Best Walking Tour Ever
Your tour guide will show you the ropes, explain lots of locals only knowledge, get the skinny on famous places and it is all done with a smile. go

This is one of the Best Stops
Parking is easy and there is plenty of action all day long. go

Florida Keys Scuba Diving Tour and Attraction
Only in the Florida Keys could someone think of a nautical display like this. go

Quickest Route to the Florida Keys
Taking the Key West Express worked out very nicely, just pick a really good time of year weather wise. go

Vacation Fans of Marathon Key
Turn left (heading down), just after the huge Kmart Fishing Center and across from Crane Point. go

Big Smiles on the Reef Trips
If you can rent an underwater video camera or have your own, do that for sure. go

Florida Keys Seafood Recipes

We receive a lot of questions from visitors on what are the most popular seafood dishes in the Florida Keys. Here are some wonderful recipes to add to your website's list of Florida Recipes. All are simple and relatively easy, just add your own favorite spices at the end or pick up a container of Melinda's Seafood Habanero Sauce. That is the sauce made specifically for Conch, Mullet, Blue Fin Tuna, Flounder, Yellowfin Tuna, and Gulf shrimp.

Warren Q.

Eating the Fresh Seafood

Our food pick winners. Seafood Paella (Florida Keys casserole with shrimp, sea scallops, mussels, chicken, mahi-mahi, sausage, peas, key lime Juice, with spicy yellow rice). Lobster Pasta (Florida Keys lobster, shrimp, sauteed with fresh mushrooms, herbs, key lime juice, brandy, cream sauce, with linguine pasta). Calypso Shrimp Linguine (Shrimp sauteed with garlic, scallions, creole spices, red onion, key lime juice, cream, pasta). Fresh Havana (Catch of the day which is typically mahi-mahi sauteed with chorizo caper-garlic tomato sauce, red onion, key lime juice). Coconut Shrimp Dinner (Jumbo shrimp, coconut breaded then golden-fried with citrus mustard sauce, key lime juice, broccoli, and island rice).

Rosalinda P.

Alternatives to Orlando Theme Parks

So many folks coming to town or locals need cheap fun away from the theme parks. Putt-Putt Golf is a sweet choice and it is also really fun to do at night, instead of heading back to the parks. Orlando has some really nice Mini Golf places over there along International Drive. We are big fans of the shows and events at Disney, the Lion King is Awesome.

Quincy Y.

Florida's Most Popular Martinis

The tropical lifestyle flows right over to the way drinks are made. Here is what is hot for a tasty martini. Fly Me To The Moon (Van Gogh Blue Vodka, Cointreau, Watermelon Pucker, sour mix, pineapple juice). Grape Crush (Three Olives Grape Vodka, Grape Pucker, sour mix, 7-up). Blue Agave Martini (Herradura Silver Tequila, Blue Curacao, Agave Nectar, lime Juice, grapefruit juice). Wild Cherry Cosmo (Stoli Wild Cherry Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice). Cookies and Cream (Three Olives Vanilla Vodka, ChocoVine and Cream, cookie crusted rim). Grape Bomb (Three Olives Grape Vodka, Red Bull Energy Drink, grenadine). Lemon Drop (Svedka Citron, Cointreau, sour mix, lemon juice). Goose Cosmo (Grey Goose Orange, Cointreau, cranberry juice). Almond Joy (Three Olives Vanilla Vodka, Bacardi Rock Coconut Rum, Chocolate Liqueur, coconut shavings). Cucumber (Hendricks Gin, simple syrup, sour mix, cucumbers).

Eliseo D.

So impressed with Daytona!

I saw the motto for Daytona just the week before we left. Yes, it was Zip Lines, Beer Specials, Festivals & Hippies! What a very cool city that promotes itself so hip. The city does have that island vibe. Our focus was on enjoying the cool ocean breezes, cocktail in hand, with a hotel that had a big pool. KEY POINT: Make sure you get a nice oceanfront Swimming Pool, we learned that last year. The other key to vacations is spending homework time learning about the sounds of top local bands. With YouTube it is easy, and then you can better pick your bar for classic rock, jazz, R&B, country, pop and reggae. Remember, Music is huge Along the Shoreline and you can walk the beach at night and leave the car in the hotel parking lot. Way cool! Do not Miss the Bandshell bands every Saturday Night at 7pm. Just trying to help the Daytona Beach Florida Vacation Travelers. Welcome to Florida!

Dillon Y.

Upper Keys Restaurant Winners

Just so good for breakfast, with creamy gravy over biscuits, and your pick of the grilled potatoes, grits or hash browns. They have super fresh and hot coffee too. They only yellowtail snapper fish they offer is just caught fresh catch! This is a good one for sure. Mrs Macs is one of a kind and has the wholesome vibe and pure Key Largo traditional cooking style. It is open all day long, but we have focused on the breakfast specials and lunch. Good muffins here too. I really like the cool smaller sized restaurants in the City Center, as there are a group of them at around mile marker 99-100. Try the Buzzard Roost - Sundowners Sunset Bar - Fish House - JJs Big Chill - Tower of Pizza - Garden Cafe - and Sushi Nami.

Theron R.

Hotel Price or Splurge Day

I have an important thought for you to ponder. Just think: (1) the money per day in a hotel or (2) that same hundred plus dollars could be spent on food, drinks, and entertainment at that location. I am saying it is called Splurge Day, Weekend, or Week. Instead of a hotel day, it is called splurge day and the hotel monies are spent going on things like the little toot! And the money spent is eating at the coolest restaurants like Frenchies and the money can buy drinks at the top floor bar. KEY POINT: The money targeted towards local hotels could better be spent by actually going to some of the places we pass up. You could have splurge day, weekend, or week rather than a condo week, plus a night or few in a hotel. Our family votes for Splurge Week!

Minh Z.