A big salad and a fresh catch goes so good together

Fresh Bread
Ok let's go there tomorrow, I will come over early and let the Lion King Kitty out before the pedicab traffic picks up! go

All about the Hot Sauce
They sell the sauce to go, as keeping fresh made sauce chilled in the fridge is great to let the flavors blend. go

Rum Runner Cocktail Winner
I love the rum runner mix of rum, hiram walker blackberry brandy, banana liqueur, lime juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine. go

Enjoy all Things Ice Cream
One of the island's most popular frozen yogurt shops is in the middle of the action. go

Cheeseburger Beach Cafe
I just have to rave over the view, good prices, and at the number one beach in the Florida Keys. go

So yummy is the Lower Keys Seafood Market
These are truly jumbo pink shrimps. go

Beach Burgers in Paradise
(3) Best Waterside Florida Beach Bar, which must be on an ocean or waterway. go

Food and Booze Served at the Backyard Bar
It is a backyard patio bar, good idea for a nice tropical theme. go


Really Good Restaurants

Professional Instruction for those new to Snorkeling
The Sunset Trips give the double blessing of the snorkeling and you return during the sweetest time of the day on the islands. go

Bring your Camera and Video Capture Device
It is easy to explore more places and see all of the nature which makes Key West so special. go

Much better than a normal Tour
This is the way to go and it makes your Florida Keys Vacation Experience that much better. go

Key Lime Sugar Free Taffy
I am making cookies, brownies, and key lime pie right now and I am going to pack them for our trip to the Hampton Inn at Mile Marker 80. go

Locals Bar
Get started early with breakfast from 8am to noon, and the party is just starting all the way through the live music acts. go

Places to Ride Bikes for Sightseeing
There is no better way to travel down in the Florida Keys once you get to your hotel. go

Secret Spots not to miss on Key West Vacation
Could not find a more cooler bar to hit when you head down the Florida Keys. go


Rabbit Stew on the Menu

Really Good Restaurants

Rabbits are taking over the Lower Keys! Tell the Catman Kitty that I am going to fix him bobby flay's favorite grilled bbq rabbit. Catman Kitty will be happy to know that he is eating a bobby flay recipe! Next I will work up a rabbit stew! We have to get the lower keys cats to help eat the rabbits.

Ira D.