A Family Trip to Orlando should Focus on the Themed Hotels

Disney Resorts with Teenagers
Which of the Disney Hotels will makes us both smile bright? go

Swimming Pool
The kids loved the slide and did that at least one hundred times. go

Riverside Hotel Rooms
The times guide give the show times and is so important for daily changing events. go

Very Popular Orlando Vacation Spot
Try the resort pool in the morning instead of hitting the hotel shower, it is the best Disney wake-up call! go

Review of Saratoga Springs Resort
This place has it going on because you can walk to Disney Springs and all the fun over there. go

Plan on doing lots of Swimming
You can stop at the Kentucky fried chicken or Del Taco and get some food to go to save some money if you travel. go

Splash Pleasures
They have improved the pools and the amenities at the campground over about three years ago. go

So Much to Do at this Disney Hotel
Disney nuts we are, but not at the expense of taxing our wallet too much. go


Deluxe Rooms

Special are the Far away Lands
I'm talking about picking out some kind of food product that you have no idea what it tastes like and you can't pronounce it, like fresh tabouleh! go

Drive the Car
The co-pilot adult can help them win the race! go

Rent the Disney Boats
About fifty yards from the boat docks is the huge heat pool Wait until you dive into this swimming pool, with its own beach play area. go

Newbie to Theme Park Photopass
With a special key they give you, just log onto their website and you see all the photography group together of your trip. go

Shooting Games
(4) Wear a really big shade hat on summer days. go

Resort for the Wine Lover
It is such a build up to our vacations to Orlando and nothing beats the feeling when you arrive at the Disney Entrance Door! go

For all Ages
Good for all, even beginner golfers. go

Which Hotel

After quite a few different trips to Orlando for vacations, we have figured out the best thing to do is to pick a location that allows you just to walk to everything. Once you figure out a couple of The Hotels you are considering, make sure you go on and use google earth to drill down from above and understand what exactly is within one or two miles of your location. As an example, it is really nice to stay over there near International Drive. There is a big difference between staying at one hotel at a particular location on the west side of international drive, as opposed to being five miles away on the east side of international drive. It is a lot easier just to go on the map and figure out Which Hotel has the stuff you want to go to most close to it. They have a great Bus System that goes up and down the highway, but sometimes it's raining, and again it's nice to be close to your Hotel Room when you want to take a break at any point.

Eduardo D.

Vacation Planning

Please search using google maps for: 11801 high tech avenue Orlando, Florida 32817 to make sure you see the location. It looks good for the price but farther from Mickey Mouse. When I zoom in to the very local area you see the university close by, plus Panera Bread panerabread.com, Buffalo Wild Wings, and chipolte to name a few. It looks like a clean area and we can do Winter Park and Orlando, new places. The Hotel Website is marriott.com here to look at the photos too. If it is ok with you, I will go ahead and book for the December 24th and 25th nights, leaving for home on the 26th. I would come to your house at on the 23rd. Is that ok with your schedule? I think it should be great, and we just have to research to find good spots, stores, parks, and things to do that are new. Post this comment as people will want to do the same thing that we are doing for vacation planning.

Chrystal T.