A good Target are Alluring Orlando Hotels loaded with Fun

Vacation Hotels on International Drive
Oh yes, we found a fantastic deal for a hotel on International Drive that is lovely! go

Spacious Resort Room Accommodations
We loved the huge pool and poolside restaurant. go

Poolside Activities
Each day they have schedule of the different kinds of things that the kids can get involved with. go

Two Nights
The Disney boats do not go that fast, so it is more of a luxury. go

Hotels near Universal Studios
The main reason you want to stay here at this Fairfield Inn hotel is International Drive Shopping at adventures. go

Swimming Pool
The poolside bar has lots of good cocktails plus a kids menu. go

Swimming Pool Lovers Hotel
A very good hotel experience is ready for swimming pool lovers! go

Orlando Hotel Picking
The price is cheap and it is a high quality, clean place. go


Hotel Promotions

Nightlife Bar
We came in for the easter weekend and some live music was just what we needed when we got back from the Animal Kingdom Theme Park. go

Unique Shopping Ideas
The wearables are the best, plus artwork, toys, jewelery, including some neat pins, hich continue on with the huge amount of Disney Pin Trading that goes on here. go

Craft Beer Bar
The restaurant is located nicely with all of the hotels close by so lots of people will be able to walk over here and drink more since they won't have to drive! go

Spinach and Smoked Mozzarella Salad
You can dine inside or better yet take your order and eat lakeside on the picnic tables. go

Shops to Go
Having lots of choices is a good thing and there's plenty, plus most everything is darn cheap. go

Shopping Mall on International Drive
This area during the day is not nearly as popular or populated as afternoons and in the evenings when everybody gets back from their day at their favorite Mickey Mouse Theme Park. go

Get a Ride
You don't need to go downtown for two a major city hub to get a ride. go


Choices for Hotels

Hotel Promotions

There a lot of choices for hotels when you're coming to Orlando for a getaway weekend or better yet a full week. I would tell people that if you're going to do the full week, my pick would be one of the weekly condo rentals that are in the area of Lake Buena Vista. Those units will be more roomy and provide a high quality vacation, plus they have huge Swimming Pools just like the disney hotels. The one thing you do not get if you stay off of Disney Property is the freebies and all the add-ons that they throw into help you on your Theme Park journeys. I think the best place for a large family with a condo style feel at a good price is the Caribbean Beach Resort. The mid-level price point is A good Place to be when you're staying here. You are going to love the fort themed Swimming Pool and the buildings are spaced out. The Swan Resort has those huge views and a balcony, but it feels more like a hotel rather than a condominium. At least we have lots of choices!

Rodrigo H.