A multiple night stay is a dream Orlando vacation, perfect for loads of exploration

Leroy Small's Travel Agency
One of the funnier things you will see at the Disney Parks. go

Smile for the Camera
The must do pick list: rock roller coaster, beauty-and-the-beast, and Tower of Terror! go

Drinker Friendly
It seems to me that everywhere I look over here, there's some kind of beer booth or wine bar. go

Freaked out on Astro Orbiter
Space Mountain is a fast one that we like, but not so good with small kids. go

Florida most popular ski resort
You get three big water parks in Orlando and Seaworld has the newest one, we love that one too. go

Tea Company Cafe
I love to get a pick me up at the Anandapur Tea Company in the Animal Kingdom. go

Best Places at Epcot
See all the world of shops, and china is really nice. go

Toy Shopping
A can't miss Orlando thing to do. go


Goodies to Do

Favorite Hotels
Parents with children of course will be paying the entire cost for the family so then it does seem to be a little pricey compared to the cheap Disney resorts which are equally as impressive, just slightly less amenities. go

Fancy hits a Higher Level
You can cruise on the Monorail and get to Epcot in about five total minutes from when you sit down on the train. go

Swimming Pool
It's neat because it is close to the Disney Springs mall and there is a nice little boat ride that's waiting for you down at the marina to take you over there. go

Disney's Tropical Island Resort
Key West Resort is amazing and a mid-level Disney Resort. go

Gorgeous Rooms with lots of Extras
(2) Be sure to review the hotel swimming pools, some are fantastic and over the top. go

Poolside Mango Madras Vodka Cocktails
This is a first class caribbean themed resort, perfect for unwinding after the Theme Parks. go

Mid Level
This is one of the places you can just park your car and you do not have to ever take it anywhere. go


Sharing our Disney Experiences

Goodies to Do

I was so impressed by the lunch options on a Disney trip. The diamond horseshoe lunch menu features very good Sandwiches and salads, plus some platter entrees. For those people that want to salad at this restaurant you can get up Portobello salad or a mixed green salad, and a pretty big. How about a hand carved turkey sandwich that is served with apple slices and potato chips. Probably the best tasting thing we had all year was the tuna salad on croissant. All of the Disney Restaurants feature peanut butter and jelly For the Kids meals, plus other things that are more healthy. I always wondered what smartwater was and they had that on the menu, plus they sell carrot cake.

Norma E.