All families will for sure want to have a nice swimming pool

Vacations are best when Beachfront
That easy access is one of the reasons we always consider things in the upper keys. go

We do highly Recommend Simonton Court
The pool is nice to have and make sure you go to Fort Taylor Beach. go

Hotels for a day of Reef Fishing
Of course, with weather so good you can expect to spend a lot of time on outdoor recreational opportunities. go

Hotel for the Weekend
What a fun Key West Resort, they make it even more fun than ever enjoying the scene. go

Prime time Bed and Breakfast
We picked a really nice rental unit, where the hosts of the guesthouse are outstanding. go

Scuba Diver Hotel
I would recommend going out on the boat trips on the best day that you predict using the Wind Finder website and the local news, when the sun is out and the wind is calm for boating. go

Islamorada has it all for Families
The location is prime and all the watersports are right here at the hotel. go

Resort Hotels that offer it all
During the day we spent all of our time focused on watersports. go


Dear Trip Coach

Oh so Fun is this one
Yes, the owners are part of the zany parade festival too! go

Start with Smoked Fish Dip
We are now regulars of the Sports Page, the beers are nice and cold. go

Eating with a View
This is one place you have to stop and enjoy. go

Upper Keys Boat Ramp
The pre-made sandwiches at Bud and Mary's are excellent. go

One of the Better Music Bars
We saw the Joe Bachman Band play here during the March Spring Break. go

Casual Cafe
Super good is a night out eating in this fun city. go

Overseas Highway Restaurants
The restaurant is just a couple of miles from the Boat Depot. go


A lot of Amenities

Dear Trip Coach

Do not let them shortchange you when you book your vacations in the Florida Keys. There are a lot of amenities that you can get if you pick out a hotel that has a slightly upscale take towards the resort style. I think it's excellent to have a patio or balcony, where you have a little escape outside of the room it's self and do not feel trapped inside of the four walls. Everybody likes to advertise things like the flat screen tvs but what I like are conveniences such as the ipod docking station. When we go to sleep at night we want to be super cozy and two queen beds so each of us can have the own space is the way to go. If we want to get lovey-dovey together, that will happen. Having nice linens is a really key element to a good room.

Susana A.