Where to find the Coconuts and the Beach Sand

The happy hour prices are the way to go if you can somehow make it to the bars in the five pm to seven pm range so you can at least get one hour of the happy hour prices. go

Beach Vacation Fun
We love to stay near the beach. go

Beach Rides
I think what it is, the time goes so fast because there's lots of eye candy to look at as you cruise along. go

Atlantic Ocean Fishing
What makes this area so special is to be able to go out and explore really scenic locations. go

Swimming in the Ocean
Trust me, the wind and the waves when the water gets cold or starts to get a little tougher to handle. go

Old Melbourne House
This early pioneer was named james rossetter and he apparently arrived at this shoreline somewhere around 1900 and lived here for many decades after that. go

Ride on a Surfboard
It only took me about a half hour to get it down where at least I standup most of the time for three to five or maybe ten seconds. go

Crane Creek Park
My preference is to take photographs that are gorgeous and so vivid and those darn clouds sure get in the way every now and then. go


Meet the Locals

The Area is all about the Waves
The hotel was outstanding and we could walk to all the action. go

Beach Chair Usage
This parking lot area is down about two miles from the big Pier sticking out over the ocean if you're looking on a map. go

Melbourne Sports Bar
Thank goodness we got a nice bar that's open late-night for the people that have to work in the bar industry and don't get off until later in the evening. go

Brevard County Flea Market
It's that and way more, like fresh pole beans, fresh okra, even all kinds of fresh fish that they will slice up for you if you want things set up for your cooking methodology, like no fish-heads! go

Take-Out Food
This place is fantastic and we come here every year on vacation. go

Fishing Tackle
The place for bait and tackle is right here next to the cruise port, and you can get it all down to the right saltwater lures to catch that fish of the day. go

Beach Hotel
We live in St Petersburg and had done lots of trips to Cocoa Beach Pier area, so we wanted to go to somewhere near there but not quite exactly in the same zone. go

All about Fancy Sea Shells

That is fantastic, as I just wanted to know about travel timing plans. We can get a bunch of free sand for the patio project, so do not buy any more. July fourth weekends are all about fancy sea shells and the most perfect sand for the patio paver project. Exploring, walking in sand, Bicycle Riding, and the captiva stoop are great fitness. I do my best patio work with captiva sand not Home Depot. Tell Catman Kitty that I will come up soon there after and make up with lots of bonus time to make up for being cooped up for three days. He deserves double bonus time! I will help him out soon.

Alexandria C.

Local Ideas

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Emmitt Z.