Here are ideas for Orlando and Disney Vacation Planning

Extra Special Spots to See
The park is just like a working film, TV and animation studio. go

Rest in peace is definitely the motto of this attraction. go

Animal Farms in Central Florida
The park is just awesome! go

Entering the Norwegian Castle
See a special glimpse of the beautiful Norwegian castle that the Disney engineers styled after Akershus, a 14th Century War Fort residing in Oslo's harbor. go

Jump on the Rocket Ride
This is a serious ride that not everybody can handle. go

Zany Acts that you do not need a Fastpass
Yes, the parks are more than rides, as the entertainment can just pop up around any corner or inside the restaurants and shops. go

Ideas away from Theme Parks
You can lock up to all sorts of neat stopping spots. go

Searching for Orlando Entertainment
There is more going on in Lake Buena Vista, they have the best downtown scene. go


Mickey Mouse Fun

Taking the Bus
I wanted to comment on this specifically because it turned out to be such a blessing. go

Hotels near Disney
I don't think I'd want to stay at the same resort for the whole week it would be much better to mix it up.what a super zoo hotel, and it starts with the lobby, which is huge and expertly designed with the african theme. go

Pool Slide
I really enjoyed the swimming pool a lot. go

Two Nights
Renting a room near Disney World is a great idea. go

Swimming Pool
Key West Resort is amazing and a mid-level Disney Resort. go

My Favorite Places to Eat
For coffee and sweets get the Mango sorbet with berries. go

Golf Cart
A backyard bonanza of outdoor fun is just the place for a tent. go

Special is the Perfect Weather Day

It is time for the lunch at Animal Kingdom Park. Watch your local weather for the extended forecast, and it looks like 74 high and sixty low next weekend. You can check with steve and gale, but winter might be over after the next few days.

Luisa L.

Special Fun Moments

We love the whole Disney trip vacations for everything including the shopping. You can get all kinds of gifts at the theme parks but you have to hunt around to find the deals. Mostly I think it's better to wait and not get anything Inside the Theme Parks and try your best to see what you can get for a budget price at the local shops and malls.

Make sure you stop at the Kohl's department store which has a little bit of everything from jewelry, Disney Gifts, Mickey Mouse t-shirts, watches, and every kind a clothing thing you can think of. Make sure you take advantage of the get the best deals focus. Rewards cards and all kinds of savings are available for anything you need for the men, kids, or juniors in apparel and Disney wearables.

Definitely go by Disney Springs and check that out but I don't get the deals quite as good over there so I would consider the local Walmart that has mega cheap disney stuff and gives inside. Walmart has a huge section completely devoted towards everything about the Magic Kingdom and even your favorite Hollywood Studios rides.

Joel B.