Where is the most unbiased information source on Key West Florida?

Trips to Key West
Wow, it is a sure pleasure to be here and enjoy this stuff. go

Where to get Married in Key West
We also rented a scooter at the Moped Hospital on Truman Avenue, that is a great thrill too. go

Bicycle Sightseeing in Key West Florida
Try riding up and the stock island if you really want to see how some of the locals live. go

Florida Reef Shark Center
You get to see black tip, nurse sharks, sandbar and bonnethead sharks. go

Getting the Best Scooter Bargain
It doesn't get any better than this. go

Drinking on the Boat in Key West
It is a great experience to glide along the water in the early evening, a tropical breeze in the air, the sun setting on the horizon. go

Staying active and busy is island life
This town just seems to have it all and even the southernmost bocce ball! go

You will want to See Underwater
So much fun, we will be back during our next trip down US1! go


Good Things to Do

Lots to see Touring the Island
The first day we arrived and got booked in to our hotel, we did the A1A bicycle path and looped the waterfront. go

The La Concha is Perfect for Families
Hotels that are excellent for Fantasy Fest get no better than here. go

Restaurant Kitchen with Homemade Jam
We are lucky to have so many great places to eat! go

Taking Advantage of the Water
Flag stiffeners are required to keep the reef dive flag unfurled. go

Buying Pizza
When you are on the go in Key West cruising around checking out the sites, grab a bite of pizza and this is the spot! go

Staying near Mile Mark Zero
Tennis is nearby at Astro Public Park. go

Southernmost Scuba Dive Trips Daily
What a great island with lots of things to keep each day exciting. go


Florida Keys Memory Making

Good Things to Do

The olympus ws-400s is nice for recording your vacation thoughts. Once you get it all set up get out the owner's manual and get started. I'm very curious to see how well the microphone sensitivity is. I have a feeling this is go work out well since I am going to use an external microphone, the headphone style. That should really enhance the ability of the voice to text software to do a good job. The first thing on the digital recorder I want to figure out is the file menu. I would like to do a series of paragraphs on one wave file, which means I could ramble on for a while about a specific topic. When I'm done talking about that specific topic, I would like to move to a new wave file and start a new topic. I'm going to jump ahead to chapter three about playback. The goal here is to have a professional dictation type device, and I can remember all kinds of little tidbits about the vacations by just speaking into the microphone.

Luisa G.