Big fun is a long boat ride on a pretty day

Dry Tortugas National Park
This is a lot of fun for all of those that like marine life and have done all of the other main reef areas closer to Key West. go

Excellent Kayak Launch Location
Pick a sunny day so the water clarity will be at its best. go

You want to go out on the boats when the weather is calm and that way it is not such a hectic time. go

Dive Locations that we loved
We did three trips to the reefs and drank a lot of margaritas during the sunset celebrations. go

Bring your Underwater Video Camera
Then you pop out into the Ocean and on the way you to the Key Largo Reefs! go

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
It is a nice place to kayak with all the mangroves. go

Boardsports Equipment Rental Shop
A great place to stop on the way to Key West is the kiteboarding lesson taking area behind Whale Harbor. go

Party Boat Group Snorkel Trip
This stuff is so fun to do, but it is very important to understand what the reef conditions are before you buy your ticket. go


Waterway Voyage

Know the Bicycle Parking Rules
One would think, it would not be a big deal at all to lock the bike up to a tree. go

Nice locations for outdoor play in Marathon
You can easily take a kayak off your car and use that here. go

Scenic Spots to Cast the Line
I would also drive down to Sadowski Causeway where there's a cute little island on the north in of the bigger marathon area. go

Rental Suites in the Florida Keys
Swimming was the star, and Who needs a shower since chlorine is way stronger that soap! go

Southernmost Resort With an Oceanview
Make sure you explore lots of the good restaurants including the dolphin deli and of course there's the better than sex restaurant. go

Prime time Bed and Breakfast
Being right down in the main zone is sweet, having a bike for transportation is still a sure thing. go

Seaport Breakfast and Coffee Bar
Pressed Panini Sandwiches using the freshest of bread, delicious and delivered. go


Good time around the Water

Waterway Voyage

They really know how to have A good Time Around the Water. We went on the Rainbow Reef Trip, so we could do a little bit of Underwater time. What a cool adventure, it is a blessing to hit the water off the coast of Key Largo. The boat is parked right at the docks, you can even see it from us-1 when the boat is in the Key Largo seaport. I would like to recommend the Spirit of Pennekamp for family trips. What a ride as this boat takes you around six miles out into the ocean. You go out to the big reefs, way past the inner reef snorkel boats. If you have little children then probably one of the better things to do is Dolphins Plus. There are certain things that make the Florida Keys so special, and for children this is it! Dolphins offers lots of zany ways for marine lovers to get close to the critters. A great thing for a group trip is the Princess Boat Tour. It is just the coolest trip out to see the underwater world without the wetness. We had our grandparents with us on this trip and they loved it.

Doris L.