Boating is so good during Swimming Season

Watersports Hotels for Fishing and Boating
I loved the Hampton next door last summer, but here you have a little more of a group party, which is something special on its own merit. go

Locations for the Islamorada Boating Day
I have never had to wait to dump in, and it takes about 20 minutes to get to the mile marker 84 sandbar party zone. go

Best of the Hotels That Are Boater Friendly
You can see the lighthouse directly off from the shoreline. go

Boating Hotels on Matecumbe Key
You have to take the trailer and put it off the vehicle in the fenced in area on the property. go

Right Here at the Bottom of Florida
Here we are in the middle of all the action, just ten minutes from anything on the island by boat. go

Boat Ramp at the Hotel
It makes it so easy to get out and take advantage of all of the Yellowtail Snapper out there waiting for you to catch them. go

Boating locations on the Overseas Highway
You can circle the perimeter of Islamorada, thus enjoying both bayside backcounty and open ocean views. go

Go Fishing or Scuba Diving from here
Up on the land are all that you will need for picnicking and there is a playground area for younger children. go


Drop the Boat

Topless Beach
Couples like to swim-in-the-buff off to the right and left of the main parking lot. go

Weekend ideas for a Reef Snorkel
The boat is modern, fast, and just overall fantastic. go

See Whale Harbor Channel
Oh what fun we had landing our fish dinner right off the bridge you are showing by Robbie's. go

Dates and Times of Florida Lobster Season
The mini florida keys lobster season is always held on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July each year. go

Mask Fins and Snorkel Shop
I thought the Boat Trip was so cool, it really moves and is exciting. go

Monroe County Parks and Recreation E
The Snorkel Express will take beginners and pros out to the big reef park. go

Snorkel Diver Faq
Divers have to stay within 300 feet the flag on open waters. go


Preparing for the Big Winds

Drop the Boat

I'm not sure I'm coming down on Friday night, so you might have to check in without me. I will have to see if there is rain, as the boat ride from Boot Key Harbor might be rough. Living on a sailboat is not so easy. I might come on sat morning instead as the winds are turning. I am having a rough week so I just don't know if I can come down. I am overwhelmed with the winds. I just can't take it anymore and might go with Kayaking.

Trina L.