Booking Rooms and staying with Smiles is easy in Orlando

Epcot Boat Riding Hotel
It is themed to a new england yachting club, with a focus on beer drinking celebrations. go

Pacific Island Themed
I thought I was in heaven every morning when I looked out the slider onto the patio. go

Portofino Bayside Hotel at Universal Orlando
Walk or take the little boat to the theme park entrance. go

Lake Side Views
We plan the trips thinking about location. go

Four Nights of Disney and Universal Pleasures
Yes, you can get the coolest pad to enjoy the area. go

Key to the World
Park the car and get the beer cold, since your automobile will not be needed. go

Swimming Pool
The food is so delicious, with my favorite breakfast at boma is quinoa and get pizza at for take out. go

Caribbean Beach Resort Swimming Pool
If you have preschoolers the place is pretty safe in general, as Disney has thought about safety for children pretty much everywhere. go


Hotel Questions

Sit up Close
Fewer crowds are there at the tail of the parade, so we prefer the end of the parade route. go

Bringing your Children
It really wastes a lot of time to sit down at one of the restaurants, despite the wonderful foods that they offer. go

Big Smiles for all Campers
You should try staying at the Orlando Wilderness Park, we rented a Disney Cabin here. go

Disney Springs Gift Store
The suggestion for a Disney Springs is to take advantage of the gift Shopping for young children. go

Do at your Own Risk
How excited is the family to go so fast on a rocket ride. go

Photos with the Critters
Do not miss the Disney World bears, the perfect photo opportunity. go

Going for a Super Day for Surprises
The day is great at this park as all will be smiles. go


Pick out a good Hotel

Hotel Questions

We really had a good time in Orlando and are very glad to have spent a full week here on vacation. It is nice when you pick out a good hotel and have lots of fun during your Orlando trip. I thought the All-Star Music Resort was about as good as you can get, especially the price. We had no idea that you could stay over here near Disney at a good budget value. The room we got was in the building called the jazz. At the jazz section, you will see a giant drum set which welcomes you to the jazz inn. The exterior of the buildings are really pretty with saxophones and clarinets, which adorn the buildings with silhouettes of musicians edging The Roof. I like saving some money on the trips and not getting anything too fancy. A couple years ago we stayed at the world trade center Marriott, but we like the disney hotels little bit better.

Trinidad R.