Can't wait to come back and do more snorkeling

Open Daily is Fort Taylor Park
The park is amazing and just might be the number one attraction on the island. go

Top Spots to enjoy the Waterfront in Key West
Watch the beachside volleyball. go

Back Roads Cool Spot Found
Take a chance and go to some of the places that captain bob likes to go. go

Group Activities are a hoot in Key West
My spouse and I joined the co-ed softball league. go

Nice Swim at Vernon Street Beach
All is good with the water clarity. go

Take the Kids for Fun
Key West is a family-oriented community and has long shed the image as only a party town. go

Best Things with Children
Inside is all sorts of neat exhibits, maps, and reef details. go

Good Areas to Visit and Tour
And that is exactly what you get here, a little tiny beach area right in a smack middle of the action. go


Find a Park

Fantastic for Last Minute Weekends
This place is spectacular, and has excellent views of the Gulf-side Bay of Key West. go

Where to get Nachos
Make sure you put all the good stuff on top like jalapenos, banana Peppers, and be sure to sprinkle plenty of hot sauce on top. go

Carefree Vacation Trips to the Florida Keys
A key element is being right at the entrance to the Taylor Snorkel Park. go

Dining on Duval
Our group is into the tropical drinks and we try them all. go

A sweet little Coconut Shrimp Cafe
I guess this would be classified as upscale treats with casual dress and prices. go

Is Three Dollars Next
Keep that in mind when you're trying to save a buck. go

Key West Getaway
Wet shoes are great to pack so you can still get around during any drizzle or rain storms. go

Oceanfront Catman Circus Kitty

Ha, ha, ha for sure is the famous Catman circus. This is one fine act. Kitty is doing fine. Cats have nine lives so he is going to be around for quite a while. The cat catching on fire at Mallory Square was a big deal. People went crazy and wanted to throw the Catman in the ocean!

Michelle O.

Pleasures of Island Life

The weather's been crazy with the rain. This is a big deal and affects all of the parks, hotels and the residential properties. We got a question on the lack of drainage around the house and here's a potential solution. I was thinking that maybe the problem with the water on the patio might be the lack of drainage under the rocks. I know you put that black plastic sheeting under the rocks. I am talking about the multicolored rocks next to the patio and the house. There needs to be some small holes put into the black sheeting so it will drain down and not just fill up with water. That is easy to do by sticking a long skinny object down through the rocks, like an old metal coat hanger straightened out. A long screw driver might do it. I hope that makes sense.

Moses T.