Children will love the fantastic world to celebrate in

Animation is the Star
Oh my is it so really cool to see lots of detail into how the whole Disney experience gets put together! go

Loads of fun and camping too
This is a special part of the grounds that most people might not get to see. go

Live Shows are the Best Thing
They also want people from the audience to do things, and they have lots of comedy. go

Winners for all ages to have Fun
You can stay close by at one of the on property hotels and walk to the movie studios entrance. go

Nascar International Speedway
Way cool it is an experience unlike any other. go

Jump on the Rocket Ride
Do not let this ride fool you into some kind of mild tranquil lazy river type ride. go

Disney Sports
We always consider going to Disney all about the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. go

Easter Season
That is Monday to Friday, when the Orlando school system is open and in session. go


Family Adventures

Booking Rooms at Beach Club
Got a chance to stay here at Beach Club and do Epcot at the same time. go

Really Liked the Hotel Experience
It is a winning hotel pick. go

My Favorite Disney Pool
The kids become the vips and loads of yummy pizza and birthday cake. go

Fishing at the Disney Hotel
After a full day of exploring one of the nearby world-renowned attractions, do some quick-strike-fishing or hit the pool! go

Finding a Room
Game seven was huge, and I am glad you got to see a bit. go

Orlando Camping
It is called the Tri-Circle-D Ranch, the spot to do just that. go

Very Happy with the Water Taxi Hotel
With the Downtown Disney just a five minute boat ride away, this is the place for a super nightlife. go

Fun Things at the Magic Kingdom

Winnie the Pooh is a super ride. Board a honey pot for a bouncy ride through the hundred acre woods at the many adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Elevated open-air tramcars take riders all around Tomorrowland and even through a portion of Space Mountain. Ride through the wilderness in search of gold at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, an outdoor story-themed coaster. The Parade is roughly 15 minutes long, check the times guide for times. Best for tweens and teens: zoom through dark galaxies at the newly renovated Space Mountain. Fun for the family is Magic Kingdom's move it!

Nathan Z.

Good Place

They really have A good Place over here at Fort Wilderness Resort. This is the Campground area, where people can use a tent and actually stay at Disney. How cool is that if you just bring over a tent, plus a cooler with beer and wine and snacks, a few sleeping bags, and you are here at the Disney World scene!. What impressed me the most was the Pony Rides. I took the afternoon off yesterday and took maggie to the barn for her riding lesson. A great way to spend the afternoon, watching her do something that she loves and is so passionate and driven about at such a young age.

Lindsey M.