More Options for Visitors to the Island

Boat Tour
It's a lot more fun to go and do this on a really sunny day so you can see down through the water. go

Out for a Day of Fun
The ramp gets busy for sure and everyone needs to be ready when it your turn. go

Shopping for Shells
Did you know that sea shells have been used as jewelry and decorations for thousands of years! go

Beach Goods for the Trip
Yes, even the might barracuda, shark, and giant grouper! go

Suggestions for Sanibel Sightseeing
Do not laugh, but the Dairy Queen on Periwinkle is unbelievably yummy. go

The bicycle pathways are just Fantastic
The bike route system goes everywhere and you can leave your car at the hotel during your entire vacations day. go

See You at the Festival
Learn everything about the different educational and social gatherings just with a quick visit to the website. go

Sanibel Events on Saturday Night
We like to drop the children off and let them watch a movie and we can do our thing until we pick them up. go


Places We Love

Sanibel Skinny Dipping Locations
Our unit was so clean and detail in tropical colors and paintings. go

Go for Two Beach Weeks
We walked and fished, did plenty of shopping and loads of tropical rum drinking! go

Great Activities and Area Sightseeing
This is definitely an excellent report, as our whole experience was a big positive. go

Rent Something for a Week
It is a bit of tropical existence that you get when you stay on the shoreline here in Sanibel. go

Children Friendly Restaurants in Captiva
You can also just walk back down to the south along the beach coastline, where it will take approximately 30 minutes to stroll the shore. go

Big Shoreline Birds to See
Wow is Ding Darling Park so natural. go

My Favorite Island Wine Bar
Gulf grouper is always hot. go

Impressed by our Vacation

This island sure has a lot of good places to go to for all ages. I really was impressed by our vacation and so glad we got an opportunity to stay down here for a full week at one of the condo rentals off the beach. Please let me recommend the pinocchio's Ice Cream Shop which is the perfect spot to stop when you're doing your Bicycle Sightseeing and you need a little bit of pick me up. Look for the little green shop on the corner as you're heading down to the lighthouse, on the left side. People thought this town was just only about gorgeous jewelry, but it's the food that really gets me going and the cool little shops for ice cream and gifts. I do believe it is an island paradise, and it has been enhanced so much because of widening the Bicycle Trails. Sanibel has such a rich history of conservation for all the critters, that's a big part of why we like coming here to stay.

Vito M.

Beachtown Ideas

We love the bailey matthews Shell Museum. Go and see years of scientific discovery and innovation from this very well respected museum. Kids love the displays, games, and a tank with indigenous mollusks. I love the mollusks from around the world. Enjoy the fossil shells, art things, and all the critters that are common southwest Florida shells and more. See the real shell habitat and the rare specimens you did not find doing the sanibel stoop. A national and international treasure is celebrating its birthday. The non-profit bailey matthews Shell Museum features many exhibits. Exhibits are devoted to shells in art and history. We are very fortunate to have this national treasure right here on sanibel. The learning lab features a hands-on play area for children.

Gilbert V.

Back on the Shoreline

Don't know why, but it seemed that beach life is best for me. My girl friend violet had the dickens of a time getting this bikini to work just right for her. Everyone that works out at the Fort Myers Beach fitness club is into working out big time. To be totally honest, I prefer those bikinis when they are off rather than on, so I had no trouble viewing this set of girls walking the beach. The stoop is easy with a nice Naples bikini shop colors. Glad that we could get her back on the Shoreline, as I missed her and the great tan.

Rod T.