Day time Options for Orlando Family Fun Covers it All

Check the Convention Center Schedule
Many people that visit the city forget to check the event schedule for the Convention Center. go

Little bit Unusual
This one stands out for its outstanding theme and is a thing to do. go

Full Day of Action
The kids have to rave over the show It's Tough to be a Bug! go

Plan on a Half a Day
Pay one entrance fee and you can come and go all day long. go

We love the Parade
On Christmas morning that parade that you see there for two hours live on abc-tv is actually taped about two or three weeks earlier over a couple of days. go

Photo Opportunities
You can do one World Showcase lap every hour or so, or keep going as long as you'd like to get some more port wine. go

Good for all Ages
We will be back as everything is fantastic all the time in this town. go

Never be bored on Vacation
Make sure you do a little homework and understand the international Drive restaurants so you can pick out the perfect spot for your taste buds. go


Sightseeing Opportunities

Cat Handling Skills
My doubts were high that it would succeed but ultimately it did. go

Brown Derby Restaurant Menu
By the time you sit down for supper at the reservation you've prearranged, likely everyone will be so hungry with all the walking! go

Freaked out on Astro Orbiter
Space Mountain is a fast one that we like, but not so good with small kids. go

Oh my, just the party spot for drinking some beer, it is absolutely perfect for getting into the spirit. go

Lake Buena Vista Hotels
Key to this location is the ability to walk to the golf course clubhouse, it is that close! go

Thunder Mountain
I like the things that everybody can do together, where a few people aren't gonna wimp out like they do at Space Mountain. go

Mexican Food
The foot-long steak burrito is probably there best of the best house specialty. go


More Fun Things

Sightseeing Opportunities

Seems to me you won't find a better place to have more fun things to do than Hollywood Studios Theme Park. It's a great place because it makes adults happy, very happy. Do not worry as the kids are super happy as well at this park, heck they have the Aerosmith roller coaster! It was a pretty good day for us, we were trying to do a half day, but it took the entire ten hours. We were trying to save a little bit of time to go back to Coronado Springs Resort and spend some quality time around the Swimming Pool. We ultimately got there, but it was late. Make sure you keep plenty of alcohol in your Hotel Room, because you don't want to drive to go get it late night. That's the best thing about Going to Orlando on vacation, you won't need a car just leave it in the hotel parking lot. This is a party town and the same thing goes for Citywalk, and that whole area. Pick out a hotel that's Walking Distance and you will be happy.

Jeremy B.