Each day is a good chance for great entertainment

A Key West Voyage Like Never Before
You know what I mean, and not everybody wants to swim, but can still come along and enjoy the view. go

Gorgeous locations for Self Guided Touring
When rainy, cloudy, or windy, the waterfront and your photographs will not be as good. go

This is the Island's Central Avenue
Years ago Duval Street was mainly focused on the area down towards zero Duval, otherwise known as lower Duval Street. go

Can You Find Anything Older
This is an excellent exhibit and it is the real deal built so long ago. go

Places to get Interesting Experiences
You get to learn all about John James Audubon and his legendary life in the Florida Keys. go

Do Not Miss the Custom House
The Key West Museum of Art and History could not be more centrally located. go

Sightseeing on Bicycles
During the day in Key West you are going to want to spread yourself around and explore as much of the island as possible. go

Fantastic Spot for a quick Video
Be sure to bicycle ride through the Truman Annex, which is about a block south down Southard Street. go


Very Entertaining

Try the beautiful oceanfront Reach Resort
QUESTION: We are looking for a family resort and need help for Key West. go

Top Ten Key West Things to See
The city built an artificial reef system made up of huge rocks. go

Stores near the Westin Resort
You can get hot fudge, sweets, and treats across the street at Mattheessen's Ice Cream Parlor. go

Weekly Vacation Home Rentals
I like being in a good zone, and you will have a better time. go

Southernmost House Historic Inn
As you tour around during the day the activity level builds. go

Kick Back and Relax Poolside
We took full advantage of the outstanding pool and typically started and ended each day in the water. go

Food to go Take-Out
This cafe is on Greene Street in the heart of the action. go

Recommend to All

Bahia Honda Park is one of the nicest parks in all of the Florida Keys. Located at mile marker 37, enjoy snorkeling, beach play, nature trail, and even dive trips. We came here for the Underwater Music Festival, which was too fun. All are invited to snorkel or scuba dive during the underwater concert. This is a hoot and all happens off Big Pine Key, at Looe Key Reef. I want to recommend to all the Fullmoon Kayak. We have owned both motorboats and Kayaks for years, but it is the kayak trips that bring the biggest smiles of my guests. It is amazing to have so much fun paddling around the nature, this is a trip we have on our top recommendations list. One the way down, a super Florida Keys pitstop is the History of Diving Museum. One of the coolest things to do when visiting the Florida Keys is learning about the area's great history. There is no better place to do just that is here at the Dive Museum.

Armando J.

Picking Out What to Do

We can do all your activities, but when back home we can eat good and be creative with the cooking. Mostly we will be gone all day and then return back home after the target park, beach, or Bicycle Riding location.

On the local cafe picks to go to, I like the burgers just the way you make them. No need for improvement. That burger in the picture is much too big for me to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Aimee Q.