Eating is a lot more Fun in a Tourist Vacation City

Character Greetings
Each hotel has something different but of course the Disney Resorts have a huge focus on letting your kids get up close to Mickey Mouse, Goofy Dog, and all of the other cast of characters. go

Live Music Tonight
You will know you are close to the place because you can hear the music as you walk from the parking lot. go

High Quality Food
They will explain everything you need to know about the different kinds of meats, seafood or anything else you are considering. go

Disney Dining Plan Restaurants
The bars are neat with spirits, plus a hands-on experience with tastings and demonstrations. go

Pizza Restaurant
There's something special about their chunky tomato sauce that makes it a little bit better than every other pizza that I've had. go

Craft Beer Bar
I am a craft beer connoisseur, so this fits in nicely for me to try something different each time I come to the restaurant. go

Italian Appetizers and Wine is Plenty for me
Adults can try one of Italy's signature wines that is produced by the Ruffino Winery. go

Happy Hours
People ask us all the time for suggestions for restaurants and happy hours. go


Favorite Snacks

Cafe for Fiery Shrimp Fettuccine
It is super, and all with that magical twist of live entertainment and music too. go

Disney Springs Gift Store
Thank goodness the sun is going to be shining bright and strong. go

Intermission Food Court
The hotel restaurants have a nice mix of healthy food picks. go

Children under Six
The co-pilot adult can help them win the race! go

Fun where Imagination Reigns
This is it, the place to follow your zany Disney dreams. go

Splitsville Luxury Lanes
The layout is nice as the alleys are not side by side down on big wall like old style bowling locations. go

Disney's Tropical Island Resort
You can save a bundle now with the new multi-day passes and family package plans. go

Eat Whatever you Want

Never have we not had a great time when we take the trips down to Orlando for the pleasures of Theme Park land. The value for the money is darned good and The Hotels keep everything so clean and the mood is upbeat. What we are not doing is any of the Disney Dining plans, as I think the price is a bit high for what you get in return. The flexibility of being able to eat whatever you want and wherever you want without having to try to fit in the slot is easier for us. Each day we might go over to International Drive or do something else like maybe go to Cocoa Beach, when the waves are really big. If by chance we are gone all day and don't return to the hotel until late, then the dining plans are just backed up and kind of the wasted. I did want to point out a couple of places we really liked. The african chili-cheese dog from the mara at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is a sure thing for a lunch that all ages will enjoy. The chili cheese hot dogs come with french fries and a big pickle slice. You can add whatever Condiments you want over at the condiment bar to really load up your Hot Dog mile high good.

Mindy V.

Searching for Blackened Chicken Wings

Baked blackened chicken wings are on my brain! I saw the ingredients for baked blackened chicken wings and want to make it over the holidays. These are baked skinless and look great! they are baked so that helps to eliminate a little bit of the guilt calories.

Estella D.