Everyone loves Florida Keys Souvenirs

Designing Florida Beach Towels
I really like the designs with the bright pink flamingos. go

Finding the Perfect Gift
I love those salt life T-shirts and of course the turbines tumblers come in really tropical colors. go

Island Meat and Vegetable Market
You can save a ton of money if you be sure to book a room that has a refrigerator and a mini kitchen. go

Shimano Saltwater Fishing Rods
All perform well and have a nice price-value range that fits with beginners that might only fish a handful of times a year. go

Unique Local Goods
Go down one side of the street, then the next day do the stores on the other side. go

Always the Best Florida Gifts
Our vacation was amazing and we will always take an annual trip to either Islamorada or Key West. go

Home Store
The water always worked, but the electricity stopped. go

Key Largo Island Gift Shop
Thank goodness there is a store that has great discounts, seven days a week. go


Finest Shopping Available

Panoramic Ocean Tribute Buoy
Getting a picture in front of the southernmost point buoy is a sure thing for a picture frame for the wall in your house. go

Getting Ready for Today's Happy Hours
There are a lot of good places to go out to dinner and you can even use your bicycles. go

Award Winning French Toast
My lunch pick is the open faced tuna salad sandwich. go

Vacations Are Better With a Boat
You will need a good cast net to catch live bait and then fishing will be a breeze with the full bait well. go

Boat Bridge Cut in Islamorada
The Channel 2 Bridge at MM73 has parking on both ends, plus you can go down on the shoreline to fish here. go

Parking the Dingy at the Bar
Come back on the dingy for a great time. go

Why don't we get Drunk and Screw
The best ones to us seem to be the Margarita, 190 octane, kahlua mudslide, rum runner and hurricane. go


The Shopping Place

Finest Shopping Available

Ladies are assured that they will like the prices for the footwear that you get when you're Shopping in the Florida Keys. This is the place to get a very fashionable pair of Sandals, or flip-flops, or some wet wearable beach shoes. The best place to go for most people would be the Sandal Factory. Down in Old Town is a pretty neat place that you got to check out it's called kino's sandals. When you go to either one of these particular shoe buying stores, make sure you get your foot measured. Industry studies have shown that getting your feet measured every year in order to buy the correct size of shoes is very important. When was the last time you actually took the time to have your foot measured by somebody. Getting your foot measured can be a lot of fun and the Florida Keys especially if you're a lady and the only thing you're wearing his Body Paint!

Quinton L.