Finding a Super Restaurant is a Vacation Day Highlight

Yummy on my Mind
This is a party town so why not come to a place that always has deals and drink specials every day of the week. go

China Restaurant
They make things really traditional, the good way. go

Tiki Bar
Orlando has the best pool side bars to be enjoyed and open daily! go

The Best Pizza
Every one of the items on the menu is something using fresh ingredients. go

Make sure you get some french fries so you can dip them into the barbecue sauce. go

Best Pizza
We always go back with some extra pizza and put it in the hotel refrigerator for a late night snack. go

Sit Down Restaurants
Key to it all is to not walk too fast and just to zoom right past everything on your way to Mission Space or Test Track the ride. go

Eating at Animal Kingdom
I'm happy to report the expanding food truck craze is taking over Disney World! go


Homemade Specials

Sushi Chef
My pick here is the Katsura Grill, formally known as the Yakitori House. go

Lots of Entertainment Choices
Do not miss Dumbo the Flying Elephant at Disney. go

Swimming Pools
Orlando ticket purchases require a bit of homework these days, but that is how you save. go

Funny Epcot Clown Man
Yes, the parks are more than rides, as the entertainment can just pop up around any corner or inside the restaurants and shops. go

Hotels for the To Do List
In the big units you can be really high! go

Makes the Heart Skip a Beat
After you are ushered into a darkened back alleyway, a Super Stretch limo takes you on the ride start. go

Very Big, Fun, and Busy too
ANSWER: Each theme park only lets a certain number of guests in the park, so people can have a good time. go

Magical Flavors of Orlando

Take advantage of Happy Hours to start indulging early for super deals. The dinners for breakfast to dinner are so great in this town. Some of Orlando's finest restaurants just happen to be found in the finest hotels. Taste the magical flavors of Orlando's stunning culinary scene. Take advantage of the magical nights packages and enjoy an overnight stay and dinner for two at one incredible price. For the greatest deals of the year, plan your magical summer month getaway today.

Nickolas M.

Picking out Recipe Winners

I will bring the chicken down, and the jalapenos too. You forgot them and are required for the Epcot Mexico nacho recipe! What is the best nacho recipe at one of the Orlando restaurants? How about adding these on top: grilled shrimp, feta cheese, pineapple chunks, genoa salami, philly steak, baby portabella mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, pork sausage, and browned ground beef.

Major A.

Delicious Ideas

For all those Disney people here to enjoy the theme parks make sure you take advantage of the cheap yet delicious Chinese Food like we have in the area. I wanted to point out a wonderful place in Orlando on the northern side which is so close to all lotta people's Hotel Rooms.

Saving money on vacation can means eating at one of the local Orlando Chinese restaurants because you get lots of food and leftovers that you can store in the hotel refrigerator just like we did at the Polynesian Hotel. This hotel at Disney is wonderful and features a lot of great tropical foods, but it's a little more expensive so we typically try to take advantage of the local dining.

There's something special about teriyaki chicken that you can reheat in the microwave late-night when you come back from the Theme Parks! Make sure you get a bunch egg rolls because those can be so good for late-night snacks.

Coleman E.