Nothing is as good as a Florida Beach Day

Atlantic Ocean Fishing
Sometimes like today, when we were here, it can be extremely stormy, windy, and the water will splash over the Pier periodically. go

Eau Gallie Melbourne
Do not miss the Eau Gallie Fishing Pier which is right behind the library. go

Ride on a Surfboard
You look very cool when you stand next to your board even between the rides! go

Thank goodness we stayed at the Residence Inn which is on south babcock street, so we could walk over to the Publix whenever we needed something like beer or wine, plus chips and snacks. go

Old Melbourne House
Not too far away you have the sports bar and if you had back to the water make sure you had to Ocean Park. go

Monthly ocean temperatures in Cocoa Beach
We love the mid summer, when the water is about 85 degrees! go

Everybody needs to learn how to surf at Cocoa Beach
They start by teaching the children and adults lessons on the shoreline in the sand. go

Crane Creek Park
It is fun to come down and see the different critters, and always the birds, plus even the big manatee come swimming in during the winter months when it gets really cold. go


Activities in the Area

Learning to Surf
The surfboard riders can go even longer because they can go more at an angle down the wave where the body borders have got to go with the surf and it's straight in. go

Pizza Restaurants
Come on in and enjoy a nice casual lunch or dinner any time plus you can take out or call up for delivery, plus you can call ahead for pickup. go

Irish Restaurant
You can't get bored a fun place to eat, and we like that! go

Free Beach Parking
It will be worth spending a bunch of quarters to stay and enjoy the main Public Beach off of wave crest avenue behind bizzarro famous New York pizza. go

Northern Tip of Cocoa Beach
This is a really big bar that packs in a great crowd. go

Candy Shop
Everybody deserves a sweet treat don't they after walking and Bicycle Riding all day? go

Five Pound Burrito
We like to eat any of the Mexican kind of food places when you're gonna drink beer because of all the hot sauces, salsas, and guacamole is really good to dip chips into. go

Things we Liked

I like living in Cocoa Beach, as it is good for staying healthy with lots to do outside. The town is a bit too political for locals, but vacation folks never get anything but good times. Back to the grind tomorrow, more decisions about upgrading the famous pier. Not bad as I love what I do. I could deal with a lot less governmental bureaucracy, but the work, I love. My schedule is up in the air at the moment as I am apparently getting an award at our state conference for my special pops program, which means my boss wants me at the state conference in early November to accept the award. He is an attention whore, so I am hoping he will decide to go in my place as I need to be in Orlando during that time for convention prep and I was hoping to squeeze in a few extra days Surfing. Cocoa Beach being near Disney is a huge plus. I am lucky to have you in my world again. Hopefully we can hang out in the near future.

Edward A.

Around the Area

Wickham park is huge and just about a mile north of the Eau Gallie area. This is where they have the Flea Market for the cheap goods. We were so close to it when we stopped and parked near Squid Lips, next to eau gallie square and the old smelling art shop! It looks by the map to be about fifty times as large as the ballard park waterfront area, where the little kid was tossing his cast net. We watched the kayak launchers, and those huge birds!

Edwardo U.