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Everything is Beautiful
There is so much to learn about the world. go

Round and Round
You go up an elevator to get on board, that is very unique. go

Kids love the Imagination Center
They have junior sets so younger kids can get involved and there made safe or safer I guess than the regular Lego, plus easier to put together for smaller children. go

Lake Buena Vista Sports Bar
The place is just wonderful, with all the big professional sports on tv. go

Get on Stage
I love the live entertainment where you can get on stage. go

Miniature Golf
I loved the marching broomsticks. go

Things to do in Every Direction
You will certainly have to use the fastpass option as this is one very popular ride. go

Extra Things to Do at the Resorts
It was the first boat ride for our daughter, she just raved over it all. go


Star Pride

Eating at the Hotel
The kids can run in and get something together, since it is right here by everyone. go

Grand Floridian Gingerbread House
They also have the monorail system to get you around to the other parks and hotel restaurants. go

Resort on the Lake
The decorative exterior, high-end rooms, and the number of amenities makes Coronado Springs so special. go

Bus Transportation
All of the Disney Orlando transportation is free, which offsets a bit of the slowness. go

Swimming Pool
The Port Orleans Boat Taxi loading docks are right the middle of everything and quickly will transport you right over to different attractions in the area. go

Kids Love
Out on the town was so easy. go

Action Packed Family Hotel Vacation
They do a good job here of giving you a little bit of everything to keep each moment at the hotel very interesting. go

Live Music is always a Winner

Lately we've been trying more of the scene over at Citywalk. That zone is nice as you do not necessarily have to purchase a ticket to the theme parks, which sit right next to the restaurant zone. Live Music is always a winner for us, plus tequila shots at Margaritaville Orlando. Where to get tequila drinks in Orlando? This is the spot.

Cory Y.

Favorite of All

The movie Theme Park is my favorite of all for sure. We went last Saturday and had a really good time doing all of the key elements, using Fast Pass plus, which works great. Those movie rides are very thrilling and will have you reminiscing of some days gone past. A lot of the movies that are reviewed are the ones that Walt Disney himself was the director or highly involved in, but they go into other things as well. You need to listen closely to what the guy says when you're cruising around on the tram tour ride. This is similar to the trolley tour rides that they have in Key West, just a little bit shorter in length. Make sure you use the bathrooms before this whole attraction gets started, because it does last way longer than anything else I can think of.

Ivan Y.