Beach Bikes are the way to Explore

Main Beach Parking Lot
Bring all of you water toys to make the best day of it! go

If it's windy out I would say stay inside and explore the interbay areas where there's a lot of nature. go

Beach Chair Usage
This park has bathrooms and outside showers and is just your typical wonderful Atlantic Ocean area park. go

Front Street Park
This town is great because you have free parking just about everywhere. go

Where to find the best waves in Cocoa Beach
This is my favorite beach in the area for surfing waves, and because of all the options to do. go

Brevard County Beaches
Make sure you see some of the videos on youtube about the great surfing and the waves you will see here at this park. go

Local Parks
Do not miss Squid Lips bar, as they have a great waterfront spot just about one block away from Eau Gallie Park. go

Indialantic Beach Park
Very impressive is having this big river on one side of the landmass and then you have the Atlantic Ocean for the other so you have a lot of diversity in things to see as you cruise around. go


Ideas for Outside

Top Rated Hotel
We came to take advantage of the beach rides on bicycles and jogging the beach for exercise. go

Melbourne Beach Hotels
You can still see darn good out plus you can see the people better if you're on the second or third floor. go

Melbourne Beach Restaurants
I want a place with a view best. go

Find a Deal
If you are gonna do this often, then I would take the time to read up and maybe take a peek at the annual price guide for different types of antiques and collectibles. go

Local Bars
I must remember to mention coasters pub which is a winner for sure. go

Learning to Surf
We like to sit out here and watch all the different people try to surf, even little kids. go

Beach Resort
I would think anybody would like to stay at this location and it's only about ten minutes from the Melbourne international airport if you want to fly in, rather than driving. go

Places that we Enjoy

You always know you're gonna have a good time we you vacation in a place like this. I think this is a beautiful place, the Atlantic Ocean really does show off the best of Florida. There so many Gift Shops and Things to Do near the ocean. One of the places we like a lot is Coconuts on the Beach. It is nice to be on the shoreline when you're having some lobster or some fish tacos. Any of the little beach shacks are pretty darn cool because there's so unusual and each one has her own vibe. There's no problem be in Thursday because of all the walking and we love to use are beach bikes. It seems every night one of these Local Bars has a bikini contest! Here are a couple of our favorite places that we enjoy. We are lucky to have the Mango Tree for the Italian - 118 north atlantic avenue - 321-799-2600. I love lunch at barrier jacks inc - sandwiches - 410 north atlantic avenue - 321-783-8993. To try some creative things go with punjab indian restaurant - indian - 285 west Cocoa Beach causeway - 321-799-4696. For the best fast food cooking on the beach go to kim bo chinese restaurant - chinese - 5675 north atlantic avenue - 321-868-0188.

Rae M.

Local Exploring

Lion King kitty is lucky, not so smart. We did have a lot of fun, but the stage broke down. I looked for what happened too, but I did not find anything in the Theme Park news. We did sure enjoy the riverfront fun stuff and activities. You have it all in central Florida.

Arron B.