Photos and information on Florida Vacations

Shoreline Fitness
Body Boarding is great fitness to augment your daily run, plus you can rent the board. go

Water Toys and Waves
Shoreline pleasures are just so spectacular here, you can stay and play for hours. go

Learning to Surf at Cocoa Beach
It all goes so much longer when you are cooled by your feet being in the ocean water. go

A Great Escape
You get stronger and work some cardiovascular parts of your body that needed it. go

I saw some people out there near the Fishing Pier doing their kayaking in the surf and that takes a high level of professionalism and risk-taking. go

Family Parks
We had beach chairs by our hotel but once you move around on the beach it is nice just to sit on the shoreline right in the beach sand. go

Bike Riding
Head into some of the shops to check out the beach goods, as we love doing that. go

Kayaking Trips
If you have time, add this to you Cocoa Beach to do list and it is great in the trails. go


Pathway to Fun

Cheap Local Restaurant
I wanted to start and create a list of the cheap restaurants in the area to help all of us out. go

Gift Shop
That's my kind of buying, and we love the arts and culture that the city of Melbourne has put together. go

Beach Chairs
You will see it often where people have their towels down out on the shoreline and then the tide shifts and comes up and scoops away their towels and sunglasses. go

Outdoor Activities
You can actually burn calories all day long and still hit the happy hour bars, plus lose weight on this vacation! go

Publix Cocoa Beach
If you gonna rent a bicycle, make sure you get one with the big basket that way you can take advantage of the beach lifestyle. go

Splashable sports are the most fun
Fifteen minutes later they're doing the same thing in the ocean. go

Sports Bar
They have some good different chicken wing sauces like garlic parmesan, sweet chili, super hot, medium hot, teriyaki, barbecue, and the cajun style. go

For a Florida Beach Vacation

I certainly agree with your comment that this is one spectacular town to get away for a Florida Beach Vacation. Everything's relaxing, and you can just about always here the ocean waves, even from the main drag. It's pretty neat that the Surf Shop is open twenty-four hours a day. That has to be a one-of-a-kind type of thing. Everybody so proud of this place, and you can get surfer lessons. The food choices are so nice. I will give you a few of my picks starting with oh shucks seafood bar for the seafood - 401 meade avenue - 321-783-4050. Everyone has to have Pizza and make sure to eat a slice on the shore. Get it at ny pizza house - Italian - 3850 north atlantic avenue - 321-868-7179. International House of Pancakes - sandwiches, pancakes - 3830 north atlantic avenue - 321-783-0620. Cheaters - american - 5450 north atlantic avenue - 321-799-3211.

Douglass P.

Really Good Pick

No need to eat in the hotel room's kitchenette, but having the refrigerator is huge. We can certainly grill out, as I will make sure the bbq-grill is working nicely tomorrow. If it needs fuel, I will pick some up. They have some nice grills at the hotel, but it would be nicer to grill out at the Cape Canaveral Park. I have gone martha stewart cooking crockpot crazy with those wonderful light calorie crockpot recipes! Get that Lion King kitty outside for some shoreline bbq! What a great beachtown trip.

Heath Z.

Things to Do

On our central Florida trip we got a great meal at cafe. All dinners include: choice of potato dujour, rice or french fries and vegetable dujour. It reminded me of Olivia's Cafe at the Old Key West Resort in Orlando.

I am looking forward to stopping at the when we drive to the coast. There’s a lot to eat, drink and explore at the Mansion. I love the Overstuffed Sicilian Sandwich Created with Genoa, Ham, Provolone, Mozzarella, Mayo and Olive Topping.

Theodore L.