A bikini is required on a Florida Beach Day

After burning about 4000 calories with all of the activities it's a no wonder that I can consume a few extra beverages than normal plus way more pizza slices! go

What creates Ocean Waves
Yep, the wind and water flow are hard to see sometimes, unless you think about the air pressure and water pressure. go

Beach Vacation Fun
QUESTION: We are bring our kids and making a whole week of vacation, half here and the other half at Disney. go

Atlantic Ocean Fishing
If you're not going to use live Fishing bait then you can use over spoons or maybe some of those gotcha lures. go

Eau Gallie Melbourne
You won't find a better setting and they have a lot of big trees in the area if you decide to expand and do a little more sightseeing, which keeps you cool and you can walk a lot longer. go

When is the prime swimming season in Cocoa Beach
Many people do not realize that the Atlantic Ocean is about 5 to 8 degrees lower end temperature then of Florida Gulf. go

Crane Creek Park
Do not always believe what you read however it is true for about one month of the year in February! go

Ride on a Surfboard
It's all about control and a little bit a balance, plus it's a lot of fun. go


Local Goodies

Public Beach Parks in Cocoa Beach
Our hotel check-in girl told us about the thousand island and the trails. go

Restaurants Good for all Ages
This is a really big bar that packs in a great crowd. go

Sightseeing Opportunities
This area is awesome for Bicycle Riding as things are nicely flat in the only hills you get are when you are riding up and down the big bridges which have outstanding views. go

Rooftop Bar
For me the beer to get is a sweet water blueberry ale but maybe the best part is picking out something for yourself that you never had before. go

Cheap Local Restaurant
Get a full slab marinated, smoked, grilled to perfection. go

Staying Oceanside in Cocoa Beach
The surf report during our weekend getaways was 2 to 5 feet. go

Shoreline Fitness
Body Boarding http://www.scootersnspokes.com/cocoa-florida/water-toy-rentals is great fitness to augment your daily run, plus you can rent the board. go

Picking a Shoreline

We have to stay here sometime sooner or sometime later please. Key west is good pick. I love the beach places like in Lee County or Broward County. If you stay over in Fort Lauderdale, go with the Marriott north Cypress creek. Using the Marriott points is nice, as free is good! Lee County has the Pink Shell resort.

Kara O.

Good Ideas

We just got back from a great vacation stay at Melbourne Beach at the Residence Inn. I really like this area because you can go explore everything up around Cocoa Beach which is twenty miles to the north or down to Vero Beach, which is just a little bit farther. All my goodness did we have a lot of fun doing everything along the covb.org shoreline and it was January 1 through January 4, and the water temperature was seventy-one degrees.

A lot of the surfers were wearing wetsuits but, many were not. Kids were in the water even having a good time enjoying the shore. Impressive it is and especially at low tide when the sand is compact and it's easy to use your beach bike to cruise down to the shoreline.

Here is a list of some of the things that you can do within one hour of this immediate area and I hope this helps other people. Walt Disney World. Harbor branch oceanographic institution. Sebastian Inlet state park. Kennedy Space Center. Archie carr national wildlife refuge. Boating and river Ocean Fishing. Beaches and local shops. Laura riding jackson home. Mclarty treasure museum. Riverside theatre. Mckee Botanical Garden. Mel Fisher treasure museum. Kayak the scenic waterways of Florida. Marinas and The Shoreline Fishing. Manatee observation and education center. Vero Beach museum of art. Orchid island rentals.

Chadwick I.