Recommended Cocoa Beach Restaurant List

The restaurant location was the first state bank building which was originally open for business way back in 1883. go

Homemade Crab Cakes
I like it here at the bar when they have the karaoke night as people can get a little bit drunk and that's what's fun about a beach bar on an island. go

Get a brownie, homemade cookies all fresh and hot right out of the oven. go

Take-Out Food
This place is fantastic and we come here every year on vacation. go

Motorcycle Bar
Thank goodness we have nice places to eat that are good for everybody including the motorcycle riders in the bicyclist! go

Sunset Restaurant
I called ahead to check on the happy hour times and it was four o'clock starting on the day we were arriving. go

Downtown Bar
We decided to eat here because we saw so many other people had their food out and seem to be pretty darn satisfied because everybody was chowing down big time. go

Irish Restaurant
This is the place to come drink old forrester bourbon or maybe get a giant sized irish beer. go


Quick Bite for Lunch

Beach Chairs
Take your beach chairs and put them in the water so you are part of the Atlantic Ocean experience. go

Oceanfront Hotel
With all of the walking and Bicycle Riding, plus you can do the Ron Jon Surf Shop if you have that mentality, calorie burning is a pleasure. go

Marriott is good for Peace of Mind
Sitting in the lounge chairs in six inches of water was just right for us! go

Best Things to Do
This is a beach vacation on a Peninsula, which is really an island with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the banana river on the other side. go

Beach Chair Usage
The Atlantic Ocean is absolutely lovely just to chill out even in your beach chairs. go

Melbourne Beach Vacation
You know, five minutes in the car and we explore the zone of choice using the bikes or walking the shoreline. go

Art Shops
What could be better than a nice mix of art shops, restaurants, Waterfront Sightseeing, and a bunch a great history! go

Really good Suggestions

When you get hungry in this town I have some really good suggestions for you. I would deaf lay make sure to eat up on the Fishing Pier. That's something you have to do once and you probably end up doing it quite often because it's so convenient and entertaining. I love watching the servers and that's why we come to this town. It is my goal to learn how to serve and I'm going to take lessons to get involved. The food is always special and we have a few votes to cast for the best places in town. Winner of the bbq cafe award is Slow and Low Barbeque - bar-b-q - 306 north Orlando avenue - 321-783-6199. The best fast food restaurant on the beach is new China - chinese - 2035 north atlantic avenue - 321-868-7588. My morning pick for daily starters at the art of coffee - Coffee Shop - 2053 north atlantic avenue - 321-799-0902. Anytime you want to get delivery it is domino's Pizza - pizza - 5360 north atlantic avenue - 321-783-0266. I was so impressed by juniper restaurant - american - 5500 ocean beach boulevard - 321-784-4343.

Judson U.

Travel Trips

Eating fish is the way to go in florida. If you do decide to blacken you should use a solid cast-iron skillet as any other pan might create a hazard or be ruined by leaving it on such high heat with nothing in it. Blackening produces a black, peppery crust, which sears in all the flavor. The food and meat juices are better, making it a great choice for the grill. What is unrivaled-best is hot and that is what is created and perfected during the blackening process. Many people mistakenly believe that blackening is a classic cajun technique or recipe. This food came from chef paul prudhome of k-paul's in new orleans. The spices used are commonly referred to as blackened spice or blackening seasoning.

Add spice to sea-crawling-shrimp, steak, chicken, pork and even Vegetables. The butter will char as soon as it hits the pan, creating the seared crust that keeps the meat or vegetables from drying out. Looking for some cajun blackened heat and seasoning? There are good cafe spots nearby for the best of food. I love a good meal in a neat town. All the good spicy recipes were originally meant as a fish recipe. I do like jambalaya, gumbo or etouffee for sure. The blackening process does not come from the spices but from the butter charring in the pan. Today blackening seasoning is used to treat all top-tier kinds of food.

Wendi R.

Beachtown Restaurants

Beach thrills bring the crowds to Cocoa Beach and so does the food at the Melbourne Beach waterfront restaurant. Winners for oceanfront happy hours is a place with cheap beers. Affordability makes our Space Coast Beach shine. Discover florida's hottest beach destination, with a tropical dress code!if you're a fan of adobos spice, then try best selling adobo lime rub that adds a citrusy flavor to chicken or fish, and that is what the restaurants are using.

Saul Q.

Beach Greek Cafe

The Olympia Cafe has greek salads close to our hotel. For seven dollars you can get a greek salad. The recipe for the greek salad is romain lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peperoncini, and greek olives covered with feta cheese, plus you get one half a pita. This is a greek place so it must be good.

Arnulfo J.