Fun facts that get you inspired to Travel to Florida!

Fun ideas around our beach town
The pier is a huge icon and we enjoyed the Tiki Bar at night, just walk all the way down to the end of the pier. go

Vacation to Cocoa Beach
Free breakfast, Subway close by, the Rooftop Bar for sure, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Sebastian Inlet bridge and lots of waves! go

We always cherish trips to Cocoa Beach
It is fun to watch all the ways to enjoy the shore. go

Hotel Picking
During the low tide it is the best time for you to take advantage of the beach biking all away down along the Atlantic Ocean. go

Very Good Rating
They have a Movie Theater and all kinds of daily events that are put on a schedule which you can pick up any time in the front entrance area. go

Beach Hotel
We wanted to have at least a small mini size refrigerator as that is a big deal when you're on a beach vacation with all the liquids during the day. go

Top Rated Hotel
Enjoy this top rated Melbourne Florida hotel located right on new haven avenue. go

Vacation at the Beach Hotel
Pick up a $10 body board to get the maximum enjoyment on the waves! go


Smile Wide Hotel

Cheap Local Restaurant
Cocoa is just about straight across, so tons of us need a list of the low cost restaurants. go

Beach Chair Usage
This parking lot area is down about two miles from the big Pier sticking out over the ocean if you're looking on a map. go

Local Parks
Thank goodness the small towns in Florida have free parking where you can just stop anywhere you want, if you see some you want to check out. go

Gift Shop
Everything is free, which really makes it attractive for people to pop over here and stop in to both shop and to get a bite to eat at cafe or any of the dining restaurants that line the street. go

Family Parks
Do not miss a chance for Fishing on the ocean. go

Bike Riding
Make sure you stop it megan o'malleys restaurant if you thirsty for some beer because that irish pub is a classic. go

Brevard County Flea Market
I am hugely into all kinds of different fresh vegetables and fruits, as my doctor for years has preached that to me and it works. go

Vacation Places

The island has plenty for everybody, it's one of those vacation places that's good for all ages. There's a couple of bars and get a little more rowdy and a little bit too loud late in the evening, but the kids should be sleeping by then. It's pretty tranquil all during the day and is nice because you can bicycle around everywhere. The beach is great all day long and it's fun to walk along the shore at night. Everybody needs to do a night walk after the sunsets and the still lots of people on the beach mingling around and enjoying the afterglow of a fine day along the surf. We are thinking about trying the fishing next time out on the end of the Cocoa Beach Pier. We saw a lot of people doing it and it looked pretty and entertaining because you can catch really large fish. We have a couple of votes for good places to eat that we would like to pass along. One of the best in town is the Green Room Cafe - american, vegetarian - 222 first street north - 321-868-0203. Super popular and one of my all time favorites is the shark pit at the Cocoa Beach surf co - sandwiches - 4001 north atlantic avenue - 321-783-2418. My pick for a sit down dinner is the tokyo Japanese steak house - Japanese - 5840 north atlantic avenue - 321-799-0058. In the morning and for lunch is the juice and java cafe - Coffee Shop - seventy five north Orlando avenue - 321-784-4044.

Brittney E.

Learning the Area

One of the things we like about our vacation to Brevard County is all the food. Oh my goodness did we have some good times eating up and down The Shoreline at some great places like the long point cafe and at the seafood buffet. I think it's always better to eat at some crazy place that you would've never dreamed of going and that will create an experience to remember forever. The whole area is pretty much just about family friendly places to go, as there are not too many bars that are beyond outrageous. Everybody has a good children's menu so you can save some cash on them or just let them share like we usually do.

We are really happy with our stop over at Sebastian Inlet Fishing park to watch all the surfers and do some of the sightseeing. The long point cafe is over there and you can stop in and get a great reuben sandwich with swiss cheese and sauerkraut on toasted rye bread. I love hot sandwiches and the great to get on the go so you can take them out on the beach and eat while you're sitting Along the Shoreline. We have become big fans of Vero Beach, Melbourne Beach, and Cocoa Beach, the three best cities in all of Florida are all close together!

Francine A.

Enjoying the Area

Doing a Beach Club trip for two nights and then going to the hotel after for Beach Play sounds good. We can stop and enjoy cafe. It is the place to eat inside and experience the Surf Shop atmosphere or eat outside to enjoy the great Florida weather.

Lakeisha C.