Secrets of the Florida Beaches and Islands

Beach Sightseeing
How in the world could somebody actually build a railroad when there was no bridge for the railroad to leave? go

Best Things to Do
Get into the experience, and then after about five pm it's time to switch gears to the happy hours and the restaurant scene. go

Ride the Waves
You will be guided gently through the process of understanding the board and how to stand up on the board with the right balance. go

Buy Surf Boards
Most people get a body board for under twenty-five dollars and that way they can keep it at home and bring it every time they come on vacation to the ocean. go

Waterfront Sightseeing
There are quite a few different places you can stop and get your Fishing bait here locally close by like and frozen shrimp work really well for the oceanfront Fishing, not the deep water. go

Melbourne Florida
This area is a little different but equally impressive in its own right. go

Space Center
The bus takes you to certain parts, since it is all spread out. go


Featured Locations

April it was 72 degrees
We love the mid summer, when the water is about 85 degrees! go

Hotel Picking
This sand is thick and it makes you work out cruising around even just getting down to the shoreline. go

It's a Meat Market, with the pharmacy, a big deli area for sandwiches and take-out food. go

Bike Riding
You will notice people texting and driving quite a bit because you're on a bicycle they don't think much about you while you see them cruising by driving and texting. go

Homemade Crab Cakes
This restaurant and bar seems to fit perfectly with the vibe of the city and the island in general. go

Ride on a Surfboard
You don't want to learn to surf with four feet or higher waves, gentle wave height is preferable. go

Spots we love on the Island
Beach cuisine that makes one smile. go

Vacation at the Atlantic Ocean

We were very happy overall with our vacation here in central Florida. I was completely impressed with the Atlantic Ocean and how wonderful the waves are. We came in June, which is good as the water is warmer. You got understand that the Atlantic Ocean is a lot colder body of water as compared to the Gulf of Mexico. There might be maybe attend degree different sometimes between the two because of the flow and the depth. We definitely did the right thing by picking a Florida vacation as you stay busy all of the time plus everything is so beautiful. We've been here in the wintertime and everything is green and lovely and even the swimming pools at the hotels are heated. The summer season is the cheapest and that's why we kind of picked more toward saving a little bit a cash. Every day we did lots of beach walks and you really need to get into the boogie boards to fully appreciate fun in the waves.

Eduardo C.

Brevard County Restaurants

We like to go out the Brevard County restaurants quite a bit, because it's a lot more fun than eating at home. Trying different foods from different at the intensities, like hispanic, cuban, puerto rican, french and of course Italian spaghetti and meatballs is my favorite. My doctor is all over me though, so I might not be eating out as much as I used too. Cholesterol is a big deal for those that like to eat out quite a bit because the people that are cooking don't always lower the bad ingredients, like you can do at home. We found out a lot from our doctor, as cholesterol is a type of fat I didn't realize your body needs some cholesterol but if you have way too much it can cause big health problems.

By eating certain foods you can increase your cholesterol just naturally. Get your cholesterol checked once a year by your doctor so you know where you stand. Eat a low-fat diet, no butter, no oil, no bad stuff. One big problem is the breakfast lovers. The beach dunkin donuts makes a really good low-fat egg sandwich, with the fake eggs!

They say you're supposed to eat less whole dairy products and fatty meats and fried foods. We all know the drill you have to eat more Vegetables and less bad stuff. It's good advice for everyone to keep your weight at a healthy level, like your high school weight. If you are ten pounds heavier than you were when you were a senior in high school, you're a fatty. You might not think your fatty your a fatty. We have to help each other as I sure don't want plaque to fill my arteries.

Josiah F.