Full of daily specials and wine is a day at mickey mouse land

Fantastic Orlando Zoo Rides
Even the Hotel Lodge next to the park has its own zoo. go

Music at Animal Kingdom Park Orlando
Good singing too. go

Disney Orlando Photography Gifts
Disney Orlando photography has been capturing the precious milestones of our days for each vacation. go

Nemo Stage Show Theater
Sure the big rides go fast and very thrilling, seldom do you get to see such high level of entertainment here in Florida. go

Sit up Close
This is what children like the most at Disney. go

Daily Acrobatic Super Show
For sure this daily event is one not to miss at Epcot. go

A full feature Hollywood Movie Set
You arrive and can take a seat anywhere you like in a large auditorium overlooking the stage. go

Prettiest of Orlando Golf Courses
Proper golf attire is required, meaning dress nice and no denim jeans. go


Playing at Walt Disney

Walt Disney Television Shows
Yes, it allows a child from three to eleven years old to eat free at zillions of Orlando Area Restaurants. go

It Makes Our Family Fun Top-10 List
From there, you can also simply hop on the monorail and go to any of the other destination on the rail line. go

Hotels near Disney
For gift giving, there are pictures of the lodge in frames that look very detailed. go

My Favorite Places to Eat
For those wanting just dessert, get the fresh berries and a scoop of rice dream ice cream. go

Our pick is the Music Hotel
They have a huge emphasis on locals and any Florida Residents. go

Resorts with a Swimming Focus
You have fitness center access, a superb themed pool, free transportation, and are close to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. go

Popular Disney Hotel
This is the hotel just walking distance from the entrance to Hollywood Studios Theme Park. go


A Pleasure it Is

Playing at Walt Disney

We so much love the Orlando roller coaster vacations. A pleasure it is, and we like the summer because you can swim and take advantage of the excellent Swimming Pools offered in this town. Try a vacation to Key West and see if you can get a really nice Swimming Pool at Your Hotel. There's about a dozen at most. Orlando probably has five hundred fantastic Swimming Pools at the various hotels and resorts around the area. Every one of the disney hotels is great for the Theme Park visits, and you get the freebies. My favorite place is the Epcot showplace because they have the Music each evening. It's the only place of all that every night there's some great band playing. I would always Check the Event Schedule for Epcot when you come into town, because you just don't know who might be singing.

Cory J.