Fun things to do on your Beach Vacation

Mini Golf at Clearwater Beach
They have a coupon in the little local paper or you can stop over at the Chamber of Commerce office which is at pier sixty. go

Fat Tire Bicycle Ride
You can rent bicycles at the Surf and Skate Shop or Ride-N-Roll Cyclery. go

Volleyball on the Beach
After your game and swim, there's a beachfront restaurant in every direction from which to grab some much needed liquids and chow. go

Annual Pirate Festival each May
One of the top events of the year along the beaches is the annual John Levique Pirate Days Festival. go

Sunset Shoreline Beach Walks
People come down from the condos with cocktails in hand or some pulling four-wheel beach coolers. go

Favorite Places to Bicycle Ride
Such a pretty area it is with lots of options for locking the bicycle and taking advantage of local attractions. go

One Tank Beach Trip
When it comes to things to see and do, pinellas is loaded with expansive parks along the shoreline. go

Sightseeing Ideas
No high heel shoes, but of course who would have high heel shoes on during a beach vacation. go


Best of All

Enjoying the Clearwater Patio Bar
Crabby Bills is right along the marina fishing docks, where they buy the fish from the local charter fishing boats. go

My Pick for Wings
If you're looking to get out for some waterfront dining, this is a fun place. go

Good prices bring visitors to Pinellas County
This is a true beach town, not too big and everyone is extremely friendly. go

Waterfront Bars
What could be better than a black and blue sirloin steak and a big salad, plus some cold beer or strong poor cocktails! go

Red Curry Sauce on a Vegetable Medley
QUESTION: Where is the best place to pick up some chinese style food over at the Beach? go

Good Local Pizza Joint
Nothing tops the ravioli with hearty marinara meat sauce. go

One fine weeks at the Sea Ram Condominium
One never needs to go more than a couple of miles up or down the beach. go

Island Bands on the Sand

Have Fun, stay safe, and happy beaching in Pinellas County. Thank you to all who have served the country and have given their lives for the freedom, and we will drink a beer for you. What is better than huge fishing tournaments like the suncoast kingfish classic at Gators. This weekend go to grand openings, fresh markets, and most importantly, Memorial Day Weekend. This issue covers may summer and tons of fun free concerts at Treasure Island bands on the sand.

Jimmie N.

Really good Area for Beach Pleasures

Please do not forget your birthday gifts waiting. We should be able to go to Sloppy Joe's in Treasure Island on my next visit. I will buy you whatever you order! The weather was rough for dinner at the beach this weekend. We have the tropics boat ride to look forward too. I think we should do the day trip first then later the drinking one! You still have gifts and the left over key lime experiment!

Tami B.

Bring your Bicycles

More trail, yeah. They are going to build a trail in pasco and link it up with the pinellas trail. Yeah for the bike riders! We can bike to the yummy restaurant. We can hit the trail some during the halloween weekend!

Marian K.