Make the most of the Day with Exploration

Finding the Sea Shell Mounds
I always make recommendations based upon the season, weather, fitness level of the sightseeing group, and if you are willing to get wet! go

Dancing Dolphins off Sanibel Island
Please post our youtube video to your website. go

Florida Sea Shell Headquarters
If you have any questions on what you find on the shoreline, just take your treasure in for a quick analysis. go

Mark Your Ball in Sanibel
It is so many peoples dream life, living on an island and having a golf course right in your back yard. go

Sanibel Surrey 4-Wheel Rental
Rent yourself a unit and have a blast touring the area. go

What is the best park on Sanibel island
The two public restrooms are well maintained, thank goodness! go

Sanibel Island Bike Paths
You peddle all over this island and skip the car, it is much more fun this way. go

Florida Beachfront Hotels with Sizzle
I would certainly try to get a hotel that has the uplifting frozen cocktail attitude. go


Family Adventure Lists

Sanibel Island Boating Video
Hit the open water for big fish or stay in the more scenic backcountry zones. go

Sunsets are Great on the Shoreline
For a picnic, there is an excellent market and deli right next to the post office. go

Randy Wayne White Book
Pick up a visitor card, which are available to non-residents like hotel and resort guests and are good for three months. go

Places we Like to Eat Seafood Pasta
Our pick here is the Linguine and Clams Florentine or Shrimp Paridiso, both dishes are just heavenly! go

Blind Pass Vacation Stay
The location is sweet as you can hit both the Captiva and Sanibel City Centers so easily. go

Everyday was a Beach Walking Day
Guests were from all over the world, and everyone seemed to love the vibe and unique charm of Captiva-Sanibel. go

Great Little Food Market
Inside you have Sanibel's gateway to Beach life and beach goods. go

Good Places to Go

What a good time we had here on this cute island, which is a lot bigger than we thought. It must be ten miles or so from the lighthouse all away down to the end of Captiva Island. If you're new in town and you want to learn about all the attractions I would also pick up the shoppers guide, the free little newspaper that they have all over the place. It is pretty good about telling you the good places to go for entertainment during the day and what events I'll be happening during your vacation travel. You know you're gonna find plenty a good nature, but you want to make sure you know which music bands are playing in town at the restaurants and if there's any festivities or festivals that just happen to be coinciding with your vacation.

Man B.

Creative Ideas

To all sanibel residents, I got a deal on the cable tv package to explain. When I called the xfinity internet company, the guy told me my services were out dated. My new monthly island plan dropped from $180 to $145 and the internet speed doubled, and all my local tv channels like wink tv would be the same. It is cheaper to have a better plan. About an hour after doing that, my internet came back strong. The fix people are coming tomorrow, and I still want them to come and analyze my situation. My problem just saved me thirty five dollars a month with double the internet speeds. Problems are good sometimes on san-cap road! I have time to stop at the for some Home Goods with that island flare.

Kelly K.