Local News and Information for Pinellas County Residents

Nature has a place off St Pete Beach
We tend to use our bicycles most of the time, saving the four hour boat cruises for the weekends. go

The Sponge Docks
It is time to discover a classic Florida waterfront entertainment district, very unique and great for sightseeing. go

Palm Harbor Kayak Park
Another one of the secret little community parks along the Pinellas County Waterfront. go

Gulf of Mexico
The swimming is fantastic at the Pier during the day and then in the evening it's a party. go

Huge Beach
Make sure you bring some shoes, the wet shoes kind, so your feet don't get hurt on the shells on the shoreline. go

Looking for the Cheap Toys
Our kids go through so many toys and what is hot this month will be in the garbage the next. go

Gorgeous Place
Make sure you stop by North Shore Park which is next to Old Northeast as that is one great area to cruise through on your bikes. go

Waterfront Views
Make sure at least once you walk up on top of the bridge and stop to take in the panoramic views of the area. go


Expand your Knowledge

Special Florida Beach Vacation Location
Everyone loves Gulf of Mexico Shoreline Getaways. go

Locals Park
Nature is everywhere. go

Pinellas County Kayak Locations
They can manufacture fiberglass boats so cheap these days and the boats are so light and easy to put on top of the car for the War Veterans Park boat ramp. go

Great location for a Wet Slip
Using the monthly boat dockage for fun is the way to go. go

Sit Outside
You can order some really good jumbo hot wings I like nuclear flavored! go

Bicycle Riding Locations
The perfect place to get your jog on I get that heart rate going. go

Oceanfront Hotels
Always offering discounts to locals and the residents in Florida has made this one of the most popular places for those with homes not far away. go

We can Choose From

We like living near the beach is a lot. There's always something close by to do and you can never be too far from a great restaurant. Weekends seem to be the best time because there's always some kind of special event going on. It seems like every event has something to do with food and they always have the best flavors. It is great to dine on the local seafood and we like to eat three-course meals, with a view. There's something about Being near the ocean and sipping on some wine. A day could be no better than to end it with the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico. We are lucky to have so many different restaurants that we can choose from each day. There's something special to taste on for everybody in our community. You don't need to reserve a table, and you just show up to the bar and get a big cold one! Life in flip-flops is not bad!

Bernadette A.

Local News

What a waste was the money spent for the big welcome to st petersburg sign. The problem is that purchase and construction cost will not even come close to the overall cost, property maintenance and all the employee expenses that the government will spend fixing and maintaining this monument over the years will be millions and millions of dollars.

What a waste of tax dollars for us here that just want to live in the City of St Petersburg, with the lower real estate tax base. They spent over a half million to build the sign for the republican national convention. City government spending spree for a sign! I heard about what it cost for that giant sign that the City of St Petersburg built near the howard franklin bridge.

Tabatha S.

Local Life

I am going to start bringing over my bug sprayer each visit, as it only takes a few minutes to do a good bug spray around the exterior of the home. No need to buy one, as mine is prime. If this happens every two weeks or so there will be zero bugs, zero is a good number! It is important to spray under all the sinks due to the plumbing inlets. Your home will be bug free forever with the new focus.

Petra N.