Getting out and enjoying the nature is so fun

Great for Everyone That Loves Ocean Views
There are still several hotels that cater to young couples and families, plus all the properties are oceanfront. go

Winner of the Top Florida Keys Beach
The fee to park is way to high for sure, but I love this upper keys park. go

Watersports Activities to Do
This large-size state park is home to several shoreline nature trails, a stunning coral reef for boat going snorkelers, picnic tables, Kayak Rentals and a beachfront counter service cafe. go

Fine is the Way to Describe the Beach Day
You can both swim in the ocean and what better place to go Fishing with the entire family. go

Winners for Waterfront Views
You can let the kids run around a little bit and look for fish in the water, while the adults indulge in some fancy frozen cocktail drinks. go

Water Shoes on the Shoreline
There are several picnic tables and plenty of nature birds and crabs. go

Really Good Waterfront Viewing Locations
The island has a handful of nice parks and plenty of places to jump in and go swimming. go

Oceanfront Shoreline Beach Park
I love the Beach Shoreline at Curry RV Park. go


Sunny Day Picks

One of the Island's Top Breakfast Restaurants
The property was just put together so nicely, it is huge inside. go

Learning About Key West Attractions
We love Key West and vacation here every single year. go

Just Fantastic was everything for our Florida Beach Vacation
I loved it, with cozy waterfront rooms in a new upscale era. go

Very nice vacation location for seafood
Have fun in the sun or beach. go

Islamorada Island State Park
What a treat was our boat outing and nature tour of this scenic state park. go

Amazing Tastes keep us coming back
For late night, go with Mr Z's. go

Prime time Bed and Breakfast
Plan on big fun, and it is not inexpensive relative to the value. go


Nude Swimming in the Florida Keys

Sunny Day Picks

Ok, Florida Travel Commander, your Shoreline pick are Prime Time. I went to The Beach to walk. The water is warm and perfect for late night skinny dipping! Everyone has to swim nude in the Florida Keys, that is the tradition just like jimmy buffet.

Viola Z.