Having a super-nice hotel swimming pool is a must in orlando

Free Drinks
We were hoping to check in early but it was busy when we got here during the easter weekend, so it was until 4:30pm before we got our room key. go

Excellent Hotel
I couldn't believe how much coffee I drank during our trip, because were on the go all the time. go

Exceptional Area
I would think everybody would have a great time on a wonderful place like this, give it a top rating. go

Very Exciting Staying
It is very exciting staying in that zone around international drive. go

A Hotel Weekend in Orlando
The Pavilion Pool Bar at Orlando World Center is the place to drink while the kids play. go

Prime time Camping Spot
Fort Wilderness is a place that lots of folks do every year. go

Vacation Hotels on International Drive
Last trip we stayed at the Embassy Suites hotel which is right next door, and the Avanti Resort blows it away for those that like to swim! go

Best Vacation
The rooms are larger than the Beach Club Resort and about comparable to those Old Key West Resort suite rooms. go


Fine Location

Special Effects to make you Scream
I bet they are going to add more video effects in the future. go

Kirkman Road Bar
Nothing beats a sports bar after a long day at the Islands of Adventure Theme Park! go

Best Rides at Blizzard Beach
Do know that the slides at Disney Resorts will only crave your appetite for the really fast rides at the water parks. go

Meal with a Smile
Walk the park for a while and build up that appitite and then off to the East End Market. go

Climb the Mountain
The Magic Kingdom is one of the best places in Orlando for a full day of fun. go

Cuban Food near Disney
You can eat and dance in Disney spring and in the hottest nightspot! go

Eating Pleasures
You get to pick from your choice of the best food and that's what makes it really special. go


Sunday Traffic Through Orlando

Fine Location

Do not waste the last day at the hotel and the area. I would like to have a longer day on Sunday in Orlando, and perhaps head back towards home at 4pm or 5. Since we are staying only one night there, we should try to have a longer day on Sunday. Just a thought, as this is true with other local communities near Orlando. Traffic towards Tampa can be rough periodically.

Stuart K.