Having lots of Quick Access Options to Fun is so Welcome

Historic Seaport Harbor Walk Entrance
In the 1890s Shipwrecks and sponging had grown to employ thousands both with the fleet and at jobs ashore. go

Unique Florida Keys Beach Locations
There are nature trails that go right along the waterways. go

Sightseeing along the Sidewalks
Just ahead in the photo next to the side walk on the left is the slave-ship memorial, then the fort turned Garden Club. go

Historic City Center Locations
Just to the right of the landmark is the docking area for the Key West Express boat ride. go

Key West Photography Locations
The monument was made out of a sewer junction so people could no longer steal it like the old signs. go

Kayak Rentals
Renting a kayak on vacation in the lower keys gets no better than hurricane hole kayaks. go

Island Bicycle Stopping Locations
It is nice to hang out for the 360-degree views of the city and the ocean. go


Have You Been Here

Places to take your children
Predication by sharks and human threats lurking in the surf are heavy. go

Exploring the Waterfront
Great photo opportunities along the waterway are to be had. go

Add some Handmade Fashion
Ladies will want to stop in here when on your bikes cruising the streets of Key West. go

Quick and Easy Breakfast Winners
You can call the restaurant ahead and order the food, then pick it up a few minutes later. go

We fish to catch and eat
It just makes for the perfect day out on the water! go

Casa Antigua Shop on Simonton
Enjoying the colors, artistic displays, and unusual home goods is why we always come back to the shop when we are in town on vacation. go

Food Store Stops
Support our local stores for all types of shopping and dining. go


Have a Wonderful Time

Have You Been Here

I have to say how much we really enjoyed the Hawk's Cay Resort, a family place. Expect to have a wonderful time enjoying the best of the Florida Keys watersports and outdoor play. It's a big resort playground, and a ten minute ride up from Marathon. We stayed in Marina Village and would recommend it to everybody we enjoy so much the vacations here, our focus is reef snorkeling and boating in the Florida Keys. The Marina Village at Hawks Cay is ocean-side, which means the best views of all. Easy to navigate, the coral reef spots off Duck Key start about four miles from the property. This is the island that you see a lot of on tv. It is featured on the fishing shows, and also on the Florida Keys tv network. We try to come once a year, it is such a good area to have a nice time. Anywhere is good from Key Largo, all the way down to the southernmost city, just as long as you get here.

Hilton A.