Hot days means your clothing will need to be sweat resistant

Summer Style Dresses
Of all the local stores, here the ladies will get the best bang of a selection. go

Everyone loves a Cozy Backyard Swing
It was so nice to find a great retail store for porch swings. go

Going for the Deals
All you need is Five Dollars. go

Using your Visa
Easily, one can find something special for their wall or coffee table. go

Key Largo Island Gift Shop
Nothing beats stopping by the Kmart for all the needed BBQ and picnic stuff, that is the store for Florida Beach goers. go

Sunset Waterfront Shoppes
I love those salt life T-shirts and of course the turbines tumblers come in really tropical colors. go

Carved by Hand
You will not find a nicer place for all things Tiki decor. go

Downtown Art Center
Even if you browse, you get a good look at the artistic culture of Florida Keys. go


Most Amazing Shopping

The Duval Pub Crawl Starts Here
You just started the famous Duval Pub Crawl. go

Delectable Bakery Treats
We are always on the go between the boat trips and watersports. go

Open Daily Live Fishing Bait
White live bait works the best down here and crabs are best for night fishing. go

Vacation with a Great Pool
Your boat is secure as you will be using all four corners to hold your boat in position when docked. go

Nice Area to Stay
I think last-minute reservations are the way to go for any of us that live in South Florida or even over in Naples or Cape Coral, because you can check the weather on the five day forecast and then make decisions on Wednesday or Thursday. go

Gourmet Experience with Quick Service
Stop in if you have not been, the restaurant has the perfect vibe and fits in so well with our quaint little community. go

Top Ten Restaurant
Welcome to Island Fish Tiki Bar in Marathon which is a locals favorite. go


Extra Benefits for Local Residents

Most Amazing Shopping

As a Florida Keys resident, we all have access to the convenience of free, online credit card statements. We have to be more green down here. Please join the crowd of Monroe County banking customers who have made the switch to paperless and enjoy increased security. Lower your risk of mail fraud and identity theft. Paperless statements look just like the paper version. Access all your statements in one place, 24/7. You'll receive email alerts when they are ready to view. Go paperless today and go green to all the Florida Keys residents.

Kareem Z.