Which hotels are the way to go in the Florida Keys?

Great hotel choices away from Duval
QUESTION: With our young children, we want to stay away from Duval. go

Having a Barbecue is a nice plus
Hope that helps, as we rent in Key West often and this has worked well for us. go

Southernmost Beach Hotel
It's been featured in travel and leisure magazine, which rated it among their top ten favorite beachside hotels. go

Picking Out a Downtown Winner
It is great to go flying around and to land on an island with a sweet hotel waiting. go

Southernmost Boater Vacation
There is something really special about being so close to the water. go

Awesome Lower Florida Keys Vacations
The most strategically located of the various Resorts and Hotels that dot the Florida Keys. go

Having a refrigerator is a big plus
QUESTION: Can you please give us a suggestion for a romantic style rental for two? go

Value for your Hotel Dollar
This is a playful town, so we checked in and pulled our bikes right off the car rack to begin touring. go


Hotel to Smile About

Go Under and See Magical Sea Critters
It was a pleasure to do and just take your choice of Dive Trips. go

Your Favorite Drink Ingredients
Bicycle locking is here for a pit stop. go

Landmarks to see on the Tour
So keep this in the back of your mind, to scan the older buildings so you can identify what you're looking at. go

Biggest Breakfast Platter on the Island
What a meal with homemade belgian style, fresh bananas, walnuts, and hot syrup. go

Where do locals go for sandwiches
You get two eggs, cheese, and a fresh roll. go

Exploring the Caribbean Arts Store
Enjoying the colors, artistic displays, and unusual home goods is why we always come back to the shop when we are in town on vacation. go

Trolley Stop at Southernmost Point
A couple of other things nearby that you will enjoy include the East Martello Museum, Higgs Beach, and the White Street Pier. go

So many Options to do for the Day

We can decide on the fishing weekend later, since is chilly. I was thinking of the big football games and leaving on Monday. I do think we need to pay more attention to the weather, and adjust the fishing weekends based up the conditions. Cold and sunny does make nice photography. If not this weekend, then next is fine too. See what your fancy weather people have to say. I just want some light in the backyard, and maybe a few of the low-light solar solutions will do. There is power, so taping into that opens up much better outdoor lighting.

Tom B.

A Wonderful Month Ahead

Welcome to the June Florida Keys newsletter. We are looking forward to a wonderful month ahead of us as we count down to the much anticipated annual summer eating season. The signature dining event with master chefs takes place on Thursday. Guests attending the sold out event will enjoy a sumptuous five course feast highlighting fresh seasonal Homestead grown ingredients that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. We are delighted to announce that we have received a tripadvisor certificate of excellence for the year. The accolade honors hospitality excellence and is awarded to the top website establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews on tripadvisor. We would like to thank you for your continued support and for everyone who wrote positive reviews. Do take the time to read the newsletter and we hope to see you at the many bars and attractions in the Florida Keys.

Lottie F.