Picking out a Nice Place to Stay

An area filled with beachtowns
Overall for sure we couldn't be more happy with all of the nature spots to see in the area. go

Special Condo Stay is a Hit
We love it and did something special each day. go

Negotiate to Lower the Price
This was our best stay yet, as the luxury upgrades make for a better vacation experience. go

Getting the Deals in Sanibel
The place is really big and you get to see the ocean from the pool, what a nice experience. go

Sanibel Skinny Dipping Locations
Our unit was so clean and detail in tropical colors and paintings. go

Cost Effective Vacations on Sanibel
You are right across from the city port. go

Swimming Pool and Play Tennis
The condominium has been consistently ranked high up in our category by TripAdvisor, also receiving their Certificate of Excellence for many years in a row. go

Proven Winners on Sanibel Island
Expect to have a very relaxing stay at the Sanibel inn, it's great and it sits beachside. go


Quite Nice Rooms

Umbrella Beach Day at Nerita Street
The Holiday Inn Beach Bar is one block to the west and they make really good cocktails! go

Captiva Restaurants with Lots of Parking
For those with small children staying with you on your vacation, this is the place kids like the most. go

Downtown Captiva Wine, Beer, and Sandwich Shop
Life is so active in Captiva, the land of Florida's Top Rated Beaches. go

One of the Best Beach Spots
It is about one mile off the shoreline. go

Video along the Beach
One must realize that you can easily go under the radar for a week or two before putting any detailed youtube title, description, and tags. go

Mucky Duck Seaside Bar
Oh my goodness have there been some fabulous books written about Sanibel and Captiva islands. go

Pitstops on the Bicycle Trail
Having some relaxing places to stop along the way is a nice addition, this park was a good touch-up. go

Staying at a Hotel or Condominium

I was really surprised to find out what a large selection of One Week Rental condo style units that are available on the island. Prices are very competitive for the one-week vacations, especially in the summertime when the vacancy rates go much higher. It does get flat out very warm and humid in the summer, but being on the coastline helps a lot and if you have a wonderful swimming pool you're always splashing. The Swimming Season is great for the guys because the ladies will be out in their wonderful bikini. I can't speak for all the guys but I would say it's ideal for any man that loves the eye candy. Staying at a hotel or condominium directly on the Gulf of Mexico is the ideal situation for anybody. There are quite a few places that are just a block or two away from the water, which is not bad either. Anyplace it's offering a really good deal though is fine, and make sure you check all the amenities as some of the hotels offer free bicycle usage, free kayak usage, and of course you know you need a shuffleboard court!

Joyce W.

Vacation Island

Seems to me more improvements are notices for vacationers heading here to book hotels. Several pigmy palms have been added throughout the complexes. Guests have commented on how well the property in the area is maintained. The landscaping work that has been accomplished over the last year has contributed to everyone's enjoyment of the property. I think it might be the hot chicken wings wickedwingsandthings.com hotel guests toss into the landscaping that makes it grow. Hot wings sure make me drink extra water!

Everywhere you look the trees, plants and flowers are healthy. A major project was redesigning the landscaping at the front causeway beach entrance. Soil was graded and replaced as necessary for car and Bicycle Riding access. Making the island look beautiful will always be a priority. Annuals will be changed along the border of the front entryway to reflect the seasons. We love the Fort Myers Garden Center riverlandnursery.com goodies. The yellow ixoras, green shrubs, and lantanas were added for year-round color. What an island in that there is no litter or debris, so keep picking up the trash everyone!

Omer I.