I love an island with a larger-than-life personality

Southernmost Liquor Store
We always make drinks ahead of time in our hotel room before we go out to save some cash. go

Visiting the Keys with Pets
Thanks for the special treatment. go

Dog Friendly
What a great event, that is the best time for pet owners to book a trip down to Key West. go

Top Bikini Wearing Vacations in Florida
Spending a lot of time by the swimming pool was a great way to cool off and relax after your sports adventures. go

Dogs Love the Florida Keys
There is a watersports rental place here that we use, plus anyone with a dog has a winner. go

Street Fair Party on Duval
First, it is the Hemingway Party Month which has a big celebration weekend each year. go

Florida Keys Beaches
Plan to have a really nice day out along the waterline, and you can pick your watersports. go

Great spots to enjoy the Beach Day
You pay by car, and then you head in to pick out your spot for watersports play. go


General News

Sea Kayaking is a Dream
I would say that the kayak trips are as good as it gets. go

Boating in Key West
Safety is a mightily-big deal and we love the coast guard fleet. go

Pepe's is a breakfast place
Breakfast was so nice here and the fresh bread and orange juice just topped it off. go

The Dolphin Center on Grassy Key
Very fun is the Visit with the Dolphins on the docks off Grassy Key. go

Mile Marker One Oceanfront
We do love staying in old town district of the city, but having a room here along the ocean is even better. go

Top Ten Restaurant
I love those nice clips which shows off one of my top picks for Florida Keys Seafood. go

Value Food and a Feast for Families
I would like to go to El Siboney for a nice Cuban lunch tomorrow. go


Catman Kitty at Mallory Square

General News

I wanted to post a great result on the Catman Kitty at Mallory Square. He passed the vet inspection. That is excellent, meaning you have helped him make it strong to retirement. Eventually mother nature takes over, but he is strong. A cat gaining weight is a good sign, one losing weight is a huge problem. I do not think you have a problem right now, just normal care. You saved him from the low weight crisis. He is happy and lovely, and fights with me the same as always. You know, when I do my hourly sneak attach everyone in Key West honors the Catman Kitty!

Raymundo N.