Ideas for good times exploring in the Florida Keys

Exploring Key West Florida Attractions
The middle of an afternoon in the heated summer would best be replaced by an early in the day visit. go

Rich Area for Playful Sightseeing
During the day in Key West you are going to want to spread yourself around and explore as much of the island as possible. go

Outdoor Attractions to see around the City
Do the tour when the weather is cool and comfortable. go

Excellence in Tourist Development
This is an excellent exhibit and it is the real deal built so long ago. go

Proven Winners for Sightseeing Pleasures
Another close by is the Custom House. go

Going Topless in Key West
You can get all the fancy frozen drinks or go with the good old domestic beer men. go

Key West Swimming Hole
You can stop here on your bike tour and lock them up to the bike rack and explore the area. go

See the Historic Mile Markers
This is one of the better places to take a photo or video of the historic US Highway One. go


Looking for Fun

Oceanside Hotel with Fifteen Boat Dock Slips
Even the Hotel Chains are fantastic down in the Florida Keys. go

Kitchenettes in Old Town
Sometimes we just love to be treated like honor citizens and that is what we get here at Simonton Court Resort. go

Upper Keys Boater Friendly Hotel
Our day fishing with Dockside Charters was the highlight of our entire Florida Keys Vacation! go

Families are Welcome
A large heated pool is the centerpiece of the property, with an abundance of deck space for sunning and snoozing. go

More Flights and Less Driving
Just rent bikes once you're here, the island is flat and small, making it perfect for exploration using the peddles. go

Sipping your Favorite Beverage
How about a three egg omelet with gulf shrimp, tomatoes, spinach, and feta cheese. go

Historic City Center Locations
Do a little travel homework before your getaway, to maximize your fun. go


Island Sightseeing

Looking for Fun

It sure is nice to be on an island that has so many great restaurants. Most everything you have is within Bicycle Riding distance, as the island is only four miles long. You are gonna bicycle ride to your breakfast and pedal the bikes to your lunch and dinner as well. That's what makes it fun as you get fitness while you are touring and burning calories all day long. Definitely the bicycle is the tool of choice and that's what is part of the good experience. By the time you get to the happy hours at Sloppy Joe's or Captain Tony's, you will be plenty Thursday and can chug at a rate higher than any place you've ever been before. Go ahead and set your drinking goals early, as you will pass them up with the mango margaritas. The best thing is your never in your automobile, just don't get to sloshed where you cannot ride your bicycle back to the hotel.

Diana C.