Impressive are the old things that mean so much to the area

One of the Incredible Places to Visit
This very good for all ages attractions is all about sunken treasures! go

Tours Make Learning so Fun and Easy
Could more history be pack into one island city? go

Sightseeing Opportunities
All the fun of an island trip. go

Sightseeing on the Walking Tour
You will see all the trolley types stop here and comment on all the things close by. go

Cruising the Backroads of Key West
Of all of the neat things we saw on the Tour Train, the old heritage cemetery has the most historical significance. go

Good things to do with Children in Key West
Everyone gets to learn plenty about the ship's long maritime history when you ride out from the Port of Key West. go

The Historic Strand Theater
On your first day make time to hop on the train to tour all of this magical city. go

Southernmost White House
This is a fantastic historical landmark and we feel like we now know it so well, a great tour it was. go


Legendary Keepsakes

Waterfront Tours and Sightseeing Zone
This entertainment zone is a super place to pick up a snorkel trip, fishing charter, see tarpon feedings, or dock your boat if you come in by water. go

What are the best Waterfront Bars
We were here in August and had lunch listening to Michael McCloud, one of the daytime regulars. go

Southernmost Beach Hotel
Super for sure is a stay at the Southernmost Hotel at the beach. go

Winners of the Pie Contest
Look what can just show up on a day in Key West. go

Finding More Things for Entertaining
Some of the most important events in Key West are not published in the paper or broadcast on the web. go

Inexpensive Relative to the Value
Here you get sweet accommodations for your dollars. go

Pet Friendly Rental
You get wifi to connect the gadgets, and the kitchen-play zone was the best. go


A few Places to Enjoy

Legendary Keepsakes

Not only won't you go hungry on your way down the Overseas Highway, but there are some really interesting places to stop along the way such as JJ's Big Chill. This is an amazing restaurant and bar, which just has it all including daily sunset celebrations! Very Scenic along the waterfront is a place called Caribbean Club which has an unbelievable boat ramp that is really busy. It was our Pleasure to Stay in Key Largo for two weeks, and we hit all the bars. This is a big winner on the Live Music afternoons during the excellent happy hour. Rib Daddy is a very good restaurant for hungry people that like barbecue. It is m top spot for coconut shrimp or the bbq grilled mahi. You can check on the catch of the day up front as you walk in. It is the best deal going for local seafood. Pontunes Tiki Marina is our top pick for the weekend is the Saturday afternoon pig roast party at pontunes. What fun, it is Always a good Time with the live music and the water. Most people don't realize why it takes so long to drive down to Key West. It's not the distance or the traffic that really get in the way. There are just too many good things to look at which makes you drive a little slower and eventually you're going to stop at a few places to enjoy the scenery. We also like to stop at the beaches and take a quick dip like anne's beach or the Marathon Public Beach.

Keri V.