It is going to be sunny and 79 Saturday and 80 Sunday

Fun-loving vacations to the Florida Keys
When rainy, cloudy, or windy, the waterfront and your photographs will not be as good. go

You are going to love the Super Nachos
You can get all the fancy frozen drinks or go with the good old domestic beer men. go

Old Island Restoration Home
The perfect day three item, once you move into the detail stage of touring the area. go

Watchtowers on the Coastline
The cost is minimal to the amount of knowledge and learning opportunities. go

Tour it With Good Weather Views
Climbing to the top of the tower is awesome and you just want to do it when you have a long clear view over the water. go

Special locations for historic dining
They show you how it looks, with a bunch of very interesting memorabilia, paintings, and displays. go

Sightseeing Locations on the Island
So, do not feel bad if after your vacation you start realizing the many things you will miss. go

Looking for the Key West Wow
We always explore this side of the Island of Key West on scooters. go


Featured Locations

Delightfully Yummy
I just called them and they open each night for dinner at 5:30pm. go

Good things to do with Children in Key West
This is a big time family adventure that has a long history behind it. go

What are the best Waterfront Bars
Close to the Schooner Bar, and they really do a good job by starting the music off early (noon), a nice time at Schooner Wharf Key West Florida! go

Dining on Duval
Neat bar, which has live music in the afternoon and evenings. go

Pick your best weather day
They have it all for you on board, restrooms, food, drinks, and everything for your safety. go

Southernmost Chinese
They make a really good garlic golf and chicken lo mein. go

Key West Photography Locations
Despite the name, do not make a bet on what is technically the furthest location in Key West. go


Fun of the Day

Featured Locations

There a lot of different ways you can go sightseeing down in the southernmost city. It is nice to do some touring on your own using your bicycles, the Conch Tour Train, or do the Cityview Trolley Street Cruise. Fun to tour, it is our pleasure to be here in this fabulous city. If this town is not in the top-10 city destinations to see there is a problem with the judges! On the waterfront the best thing to do is the Sunset Cruise. It makes sense that they would come up with this type of on board fun. It is so neat to do and my goodness are the views and music such a treat. We came down to enjoy the Living Airbrush Expo as part of the event weekend. What a super event to see and at the fabulous Ocean Key Resort. We could not have enjoyed the evening more, just too outrageous. If you can get a hotel that's close to Mallory Docks, you have found a winner. Get ready for the best fun of the day. It really is the zaniest artistic and cultural activity on the island.

Spencer G.