It is very neat to learn the trivia behind this historic city

Come by Boat, Bicycle, or Kayak
I love the fancy cocktails with all the fruit sticking out. go

Bahia Honda State Park
Go here if you have one hour or better yet all day. go

End of the Rainbow Landmark
In there is the Little White House, do not miss that one. go

Historical Places
The partnership with the Monroe County Historic Preservation Program has been excellent for us old stuff junkies. go

Taylor Beach Park
It is just an amazing place. go

Cruising the Backroads of Key West
This location was created after the 1840's hurricane, which destroyed the old site. go

Enjoy the Festivities
Everything that goes on at Mallory Square is G-rated mostly, do the family unit can go as well. go

Landmarks to see on the Tour
The historic places all have some sort of detail clearly labeled out front. go


Vintage Travel Ideas

Go for a Really Entertaining Weekend
Wet shoes are great to pack so you can still get around during any drizzle or rain storms. go

Special for the Ladies
Takes five minutes on a bike to get to the heart of Old Town Key West. go

Full of Flavor Perfect
It was the best dessert I've tasted in a long time and for sure the top spot of Key West. go

Must See Picks on the Shoreline
Don't forget to check the event calendar for the numerous kayak, eco tours that leave from right here at the Sombrero Beach Boat Ramp. go

Local Shopping
This surfing palace has music playing, it makes it extra fun to shop. go

Best Things with Children
Every age can learn a thing or two. go

Trending Tropical Prints
All of our girls want to take a treasure back home from the trip. go


Good Spots for History

Vintage Travel Ideas

There are plenty of good spots for history at the Seven Mile Bridge. We like this town and all that it has to offer. For food go with Porky's Bayside BBQ. What a great party bar right in the middle of the Florida Keys. Fun with the music and food options. At the top of the list is the Sunset Grille, as it is one of the best waterfront restaurants north of the 7-mile bridge. Locals know the cheap beer stops like the Hideaway Cafe. What everyone raves about is the views and the food. On the property of the rainbow inn resort, The Cafe is upstairs and right on the oceanfront. Has nice sightseeing of thee beach, pool, and water. Marathon is famous for the food at Fat Buoyz. We have been impressed with the whole scene here. We had not heard about this place, but saw a nice crowd there by the Seven Mile Bridge, and we pulled in.

Cristina L.