Key to Picking a Hotel in Orlando is Positive Vibe Value

Lake Side Views
With all the stuff to do, plan on being super busy with fun stuff all day long. go

Fancy Hotel
Happy guests relax in the lobby as they wait for the promenade of ducks to begin. go

Kitchen Unit Rentals
You get loads of amenities and boat transportation to Disney Springs. go

Pacific Island Themed
Upon entering the room, the surprise was Mickey Mouse Ears made out of the smaller white towels on the bed. go

Portofino Bayside Hotel at Universal Orlando
For two adults and our two kids. go

Swimming Pool
We came in for the Flower Power Concert Series and that really was a good thing to do. go

All about the Music
Walking to your hotel room is sweet, one of the best ever places for a party time evening. go

Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort
Hear the music and get in sync with different genres of music. go


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Reasons to visit Animal Kingdom Park
An exceptional one to see up close and kids love it. go

Horseback Rental
It provides longtime camping fans with new reason to return to this luxuriously rustic family-friendly property. go

Makes Me Smile
Oh my is it so really cool to see lots of detail into how the whole Disney experience gets put together! go

Leroy Small's Travel Agency
It is a good idea to ask them a question of any kind, and watch out with a zany answer you get. go

Convenience Store
Thank goodness they have a wonderful convenience store on International Drive that sells cold beer. go

Best Orlando Cuban Sandwich
The whole place was inspired by gloria and emilio estefan. go

Salad Bar
Go ahead and put this place down as one of the top picks for a romantic dinner on International Drive or take the family. go


Really good for Families

Discover it All

I cannot say enough Good Things about the five day trip over to Disney World in Orlando. This place is really good for families, and everything is modern and clean in the tourist area of the city. It is kind of like going to las vegas where you don't really want to ever go to sleep at night. It is really fun to hang out here with your family and do the different activities that are offered each day. I so much like the All-Star Music Resort the most, as I love to dance. We got a sweet suite on this trip that can accommodate up to six guests. It is nice when you can stay in the value resort with up to six people, and if you split the charge, wow is it ever cheap. When you get a suite at Disney, parents of course get the master bedroom. There is no need to fight over it, parents get the master bedroom with the one queen bed, desk and tv. You'll like it and the value for the money is spectacular!

Celina E.