Lee County Boatings

Go with Gulf Coast Kayaks in Matlacha
QUESTION: Where can we rent kayaks for paddling around Pine Island Sound? go

The guides make it so memorable. go

Launch the Boat
When you're on the waterway closer to Cape Coral before you get out to open water, everything is smooth and you can go out here when it's a little cooler and more windy because you're protected. go

One of the Better Florida Boating Areas
What a party it is on the weekends out on the Caloosahatchee River, the boaters are flying around in all directions. go

Boating Locations
Go with a cast net as a first choice or pink shrimp can be purchased down the street at the big boat marina. go

We love Boat Fishing
We are so lucky to have so many angling opportunities here in the Southwest Florida area. go

Seeing More Wildlife and Island Nature
Doing stuff like this is a sure thing towards a fun-filled vacation, everyone will remember all year. go

Grand Sanibel Boat Voyage
Another great thing to do is take in Ding Darling, a trail system right along the Sanibel backcountry. go


Wonderful Sealife Encounter

Right in the Middle of Town
We just love the area and were very impressed with the Island Inn. go

Captains Choice Cobb Salad
Hidden away to those that do not venture off Periwinkle Way. go

Open every Day
We like to get one of their martini drinks when we stop in because they have some tasty ones and they are something different rather than drinking a land shark beer. go

Fort Myers Beach Park
Thank goodness the water is fantastic and boy does everybody like the Fishing Pier which is the big highlight of this particular part of the larger Peninsula which goes way down to bonita beach, then Naples, then Marco Island and finally Goodland. go

Florida Bicycle Vacation Locations
Our favorite was the Sunset Dolphin Cruise. go

Excellent Ramp that few know of
We are planning an overnight fishing trip next week. go

Exploring on Two Wheels
Pond Apple Park is right behind the visitors center. go


Watersports Vacation

Wonderful Sealife Encounter

What a great area, we couldn't say enough good things about taking a vacation. Such a pleasure it is to do so many different things in one particular day and then you've got the next day to pick from a whole different list the fun stuff. The never ending amount a beach toys that you can use is staggering so make sure you stop over at the Fort Myers Beach toyshop to pick up some goodies or the Walmart super center south not bad either they have a lot of water sports toys for cheap. The southwest Florida international airport named rsw flylcpa.com is only twenty miles away! Great restaurants and nightlife, both on the island and close by.

Close to shoppers-choice-shopping centers, Naples, Lovers Key State Park, sanibel and captiva. You'll fall in love with this tropical island paradise and want to return year after year! Beach Volleyball, pool play and table-tennis on site. You get to stay wet with every water sport imaginable. Make plans to stay in this Beachfront Vacation Rental condo on Fort Myers Beach today. Close to Fishing, daytime cruises, sunset dinner, shopping, golf, and jet skiing. Convenient trolley transportation or use the beach bikes to all.

Mitzi D.