Life in the Florida Keys is about good eating

Islamorada Bars that are Fun and Yummy
The food is yummy, plus you can toss darts, shoot pool, and watch the major sports action. go

Food makes Me Smile
You can order a really exceptional smoked fish dip with chips that is perfect with cold beer. go

Pepe's is a breakfast place
Breakfast was so nice here and the fresh bread and orange juice just topped it off. go

Pina Coladas at the Tiki Bar
Not all day, but for certain periods of the day you get live music here at the poolside tiki bar. go

Food Stops for Full Service Dining
Burning calories is a breeze with all the reef trips, kayaking, watersports, and around the island bicycling. go

Best footlong sandwiches winner
Mix it up, just tell the guys how you want it. go

Salads with Honey Citrus Dressing
Yummy is the citrus grilled chicken salad using cajun chicken, lettuce greens, red onions, orange segments, pecans, red pepper, blue cheese crumbles, and honey citrus dressing. go

Boater Friendly Restaurant
A winner for dinner! go


Open Kitchen

Tropical Island Style Key West Resorts
Never do you get bored at all, and it is better than Disney World. go

Finely Crafted and Filled with Style
The Reach Resort is just the ticket for pleasure and is close to everything. go

Reviews Say Yes
That is right, the humidity is tough some times. go

Everyone can help Commercial Fishing Businesses
The Coast Guard watches everything, so watch out when you get a fish on the line. go

Boater Friendly Hotel
There are some really good boater friendly hotels down on the islands and this is a top choice. go

Forget walking when you can ride
You feel so independent when you rent a scooter in Key West. go

We got great help with Hotel Recommendations
Locals run the show behind the phone and in person at the Key Largo Tourism Center. go


Our Top Islamorada Restaurants List

Open Kitchen

Boater Friendly restaurants have the best views! Be sure to eat at the Hungry Tarpon, Morada Bay Restaurant, Lorelei, Marker 88, and Green Turtle. That is what makes Islamorada so entertaining are the great waterfront restaurant options. Do check the Islamorada event guide for the Live Music list. Of course the seafood company rules, but do delve into each night out.

Wilber C.