Looping around the four mile island is so cool, with fishing and boater friendly bars a plenty

A Really Good Hotel for Boaters
Go left from the boat dock area, and in two or three minutes is the cut through for access to the Atlantic Ocean. go

Islamorada Watersports Hot Spot
The ramp area can get very busy on Saturday and Sunday mornings. go

Easy for the Boater to Enjoy
You can use a chum bag when fishing and that really helps a lot. go

Upper Keys Boater Hotels
It is not the hilton hotel, but look at the price list! go

Only pennekamp can claim to have a more unique ramp, but it is used by the rental company, so there you launch over rocks too. go

It is Just Beautiful on this side of the Island
Please keep this spot a secret, we do not want to let the word get out! go

Staying at a Boater Friendly Resort
Left up the coastline is the direction to head to Chevron Marine Fuel Docks and the Whale Harbor Bridge. go

Searching for the best fishing locations
Sometimes the best things down here around the islands is what you luck into. go


Find a Ramp

Secret Beach Zones for Play
If you like the small cool beaches, do also go to Simonton Street Beach. go

Trips Out to Pennekamp Coral Reef
This elegant Rainbow Reef Boat is something special. go

Easy to do Key Largo Kayak Rental
I would say that the kayak trips are as good as it gets. go

Catching Some Keepers for Dinner
We got into the bridge fishing, since it is cheap and easy to do. go

So fun are the SUP Beach Rentals
Each offers a special level of sightseeing and there are spots along the way where you go into and though mangrove trails. go

Permit are Schooling near the Reefs
We love doing things like this, as Key West is way more about the nature and marine life than is the bar scene. go

Ideas for Florida Keys Fishing
The shallow water fishing is very entertaining. go


Keeping the Boat Battery Working

Find a Ramp

Boat owners can get a free battery test before the start of the fishing season. I would recommend going to either advanced auto parts or autozone, and they have a car and boat battery test machine that they roll out to your car or boat trailer. It is a free service. We can do this on Saturday. They test it in front of you and were honest with me. I had gone to another local place for an oil change and they told me to get a new battery, although it was working fine and I only wanted an oil change. Advanced auto parts test guy said my battery was fine and it worked a couple of more years before it eventually died at the boat ramp park. When we called triple-a.

Donna U.