Big List of great spots to see around Key West Florida

Checkout the Island on Wheels
The ultraviolet index was developed for Key West and the EPA to give the Key West boaters a daily forecast of the amount of skin-damaging UV radiation reaching the island's surface. go

Head Down for Sunset Pleasures
One suggestion is to stop at the Winn-Dixie grocery store on the way down so you can buy your food at a cheaper price. go

Kids can feed the Hemingway Cats
For coffee in the morning I like the sippin Internet cafe for quick food and great coffee. go

Quickest Route to the Florida Keys
The boat comes in from the southside entrance, turning east and by Sunset Island. go

Finding the Deals on the Island
There are tons of public parks, beach areas, shopping districts, and kid focused adventures. go

Key West Youtube Kitty
Go ahead and bring your kitty down with you on your Key West vacation. go

Alcohol is the way to Island Sightseeing
What an interesting way to see all of the neat things pointed out, learning and laughing along the way. go

Key West Community Activities
This town just seems to have it all and even the southernmost bocce ball! go


Idea Winners

Pleasure filled Trips to the MM0 Hyatt
They have a fantastic waterfront restaurant, which is open to the public. go

Bragging about the Key Lime Pie Martini
This is one of the award winning drinks on the island. go

Beer and Alcohol
You want to do some research before your visit to know how to make great caribbean cocktails. go

Make this part of the Walking Tour
They fixed up the home and declared it as Truman's the Little White House, as it remains today. go

Hunting for Marine Critters
If you can remember this, planning for the next year is a breeze. go

Everyone treats you like a VIP Resort Guest
This has to be one of the full featured hotels and we love the watersports rentals. go

Key West Boater Hotel
Hotels with kayaks are a big plus in the Florida Keys. go

An Area loaded with History

Hemingway lived in Key West during his most productive years. The warm Gulf Stream has blessed these islands with bountiful harvests of fish, pink gold, sponges and lobster. The sea and the story of Key West are entwined like roots of the native mangroves. As the Southernmost city in the continental United States, Key West is strategically located in the Florida Straits. For centuries, treasure ships and merchant vessels alike fell victim to treacherous reef crashes. The waters still yield fabulous riches to those brave enough to seek them. Get to know world famous treasure salvor Mel Fisher. Do not miss his exhibit and the men of the fishing fleet. Here, the Navy personnel garrisoned in one of America's oldest military establishments, Fort Taylor.

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It seems to me you're pretty lucky in the fact that you know me, and I'm trustworthy. I think a lot of women would like to know that if they were out of town on Florida Keys Vacation somewhere that they'd have a friend that can join them, as everybody knows it's so much better to do things together than alone. I say you are lucky because you know me, I'm no risk, I have no mood swings, and I'm a nice person. Start to travel to Florida and I will visit you! It does seem to me kind of rare to have that opportunity, thank goodness for Key West softball tournaments!

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