My vote is for Test Track Speedway

Splish Splash Water Blast
Did you know that Orlando has famous indigo Blue Waters and a pristine beach area? go

Go on the Rollercosters
Super on a hot summer day. go

Mickey Mouse Sing along and Dance
Even adults will sing along and dance as you watch from the crowd. go

Dinner and Dancing at Disney
We highly recommend the Eat to the Beat and Flower Power Concerts. go

Pint Sized Roller Coasters
Take the little ones up and sail away aboard a flying galleon with peter pan and snow white the ride. go

Be a Star in the Show
At the beginning of each backlot tour show, they ask for a few volunteers to be in the actual performance. go

A full feature Hollywood Movie Set
Expect to see a spectacular show and it all starts with the anticipation and the pre-show entertainment. go

Focus on the Shows
Remember about the lines, Way more important is you and lion-king-Lion King Kitty are healthy, plus your mom and dad too! go


Memorable Disney

My Favorite Places to Eat
This is one of my favorite places to eat in the Epcot resort area. go

The second Fort Wilderness camping trip was just a super duper time. go

Sea Raycer
That would be great to have a party on a pontoon boat but they probably don't like it if you drink alcohol on them. go

This is where the fleet of Disney Hotel are located too. go

Hotels near Disney
We do, it is excellent and they give us 20 percent off for being a local resident. go

With Kids Hotel Booking
Special times can be had at this fine Disney Resort, the place with children. go

The Dream Swimming Pool Hotel
With its massive entrance area, rustic setting, and showcase pool, the Wilderness Lodge is one of the most beautiful resorts in all of Orlando. go


Always Fun

Memorable Disney

Orlando has really picked up steam, and is one of the best places to go for vacation and the entire United States. Florida's lucky to have Mickey Mouse, and it all started with the Magic Kingdom. The trips are always fun and it's good to mix it up using the park hopper option. That's the ticket upgrade, but you will probably like it and that way you can always go to the best things. The evenings are a special time here in Orlando and Epcot is the best place for Music at the Bandstand. The lakeside Stage is just perfect for a family type concert. This would be the one chance your small children can actually see a concert. We love the Live Events and understanding the times guide is the key element to any Theme Park visit. The Live Shows like Nemo the Musical just make everything go. If you start going to Disney a lot, you had better look into the visa credit card program. A lot of people use the Disney credit card and it really adds up.

Fran C.