On the menu tonight is the best ever tomato sauce dish

Finding more Sunset Viewing Locations
The best times you know for drinks and food with a sunset view. go

The Best of Key West Bars
In addition to the classic Hogs Breath Saloon, we like: the Green Parrot, Rick's bar, Capt. go

Secret Spots for Yummy Stuff
A family owned business and they make 90 percent of the baked goods from scratch. go

Best Ever Beach Snack Bar
The beach shoreline itself is a diamond in the rough with quickly deep off the shore snorkeling. go

Food on the Go prepared with TLC
My picks here are the: (1) Philly Cheesesteak (Grilled thinly sliced steak, melted chedder cheese, onions, green pepper, served hot on toasted hogie roll) (2) Italian BMT (Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni, smoked ham, black olives, onions, green pepper, dijon mustard on sub-roll) (3) French Dip (Prime rib or roast beef, topped with caramelized onions, green peppers, provolone cheese, on toasted sub-roll). go

Pepe's is a breakfast place
Pepe's is a breakfast place. go

What to pick off of a Cuban Menu
QUESTION: After the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, where is the best place to eat for dinner? go

Panini Sandwiches are Hot Pressed
Pure joy are big portions. go


Family Friendly Eating

Mimosa Morning Sail
You get a nice education along the way about the maritime industry, fishing, and lots of historical facts. go

Everyone treats you like a VIP Resort Guest
This has to be one of the full featured hotels and we love the watersports rentals. go

Artistry to See in Historic Old Town
We like to do a lot of browsing on the first couple of days, then make the purchases after being sure of the standouts. go

Great Times on the Conch Train
We loved conch train and the kids did too! go

Where to Take Photos and Video
This is one of the better places to take a photo or video of the historic US Highway One. go

Boating Trips and Seafood Dinner
The boat ride out is a good chance to meet other people, so do shake a hand and say hello. go

Boating in Key West
It is very rough on the boat, tides can change quickly and without a motor working you float away! go


Really Excellent Mahi Dolphin Recipe

Family Friendly Eating

Here is a good recipe for using the Mahi-Mahi caught on the Florida Keys fishing trips. It is easy, and the Publix has all the stuff you need. Hope all like the idea, it is something I have been perfecting for a while. Enjoy! 1 - two teaspoons fresh tarragon finely chopped. 2 - one tablespoon minced shallots. 3 - one quarter cup dry vermouth. 4 - two large cans of tomatoes crushed. 5 - one pound fresh baby spinach. 6 - eight ounces baby shrimp. 7 - one tablespoon minced garlic. 8 - small amount of butter. 9 - eight middle neck clams. 10 - three ounces extra virgin olive oil. 11 - four Mahi-Mahi filets. 12 - eight black mussels. 13 - two table spoon fresh basil cut into ribbons. 14 - white pepper and sea salt to taste. All you do is: season the fish on both sides. Heat olive oil in a pan over medium heat and cook the fish until golden brown and done. In a larger wok or cooking pot put all the rest of the ingredients, except the shrimp and tomato sauce. Cover and cook until the fresh Florida Keys shellfish opens up. Pour in the tomato sauce and bring to a long-slow simmer. Add the shrimp as it cooks quick too. Remove from heat, and drink a cocktail before chewing it down!

Cornelius P.